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HP Printer 5100tn - Unexpect Paper Size

By nevernessit ·
I am having problems printing to a 9.9cm x 10.9cm flyer on a HP 5100tn printer. When ever I try to print to this particular sze paper it returns the message 41.3 Unexpected Paper Size - Expected A4.
I have researched this and see that it is a problem with the paper size that that tray is expected to deliver, except I am printing to the manual feed tray, and I cant see any settings to alter an expected size for this.
Can any one with experience in this printer and problem please help... Ive tried everything I can think of. Thanks very much.

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by Black Panther In reply to HP Printer 5100tn - Unexp ...

Have you checked the manual to see if this printer is capable of printing to that paper size.

According the the specifications on this link it only mentions

Paper Size Letter, executive, legal, tabloid, no. 10 envelopes

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by nevernessit In reply to

Its more likely to do with the Word upgrade I did recently, just not now I have upgraded Word XP.

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by Black Panther In reply to HP Printer 5100tn - Unexp ...

ok - i have also found this


Back to Printer Messages

The paper size you are trying to print is not the same as the control panel setting for Tray 1.

Make sure that control panel setting for Tray 1 or the Envelope Feeder is correctly adjusted for the size. (The printer will continue trying to print the job until size settings are correct.) After performing the actions above, press Go. The page containing the error will automatically be reprinted. (Or, you might want to press Cancel Job to clear the job from the printer's memory.)

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by nevernessit In reply to

Thanks for your suggestion, I have also found this, but it isnt a highly suitable solution. I would like to avoid the error message as others have to use the printer and would get worried about the message coming up all the time! :)

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by Black Panther In reply to HP Printer 5100tn - Unexp ...

In the computer you are trying to print from and the Application ie MS Word -- do you select

File > Print > Properties > Paper Quality > Advanced > Arrow down on the paper size

and see if you can choose the supported size and if so print.

If supported by the printer you can also choose trays.


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by Blackcurrant In reply to HP Printer 5100tn - Unexp ...


We had a similar problem once but setting a custom page size in the application we were printing from fixed it.

Good luck

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by dustyD In reply to HP Printer 5100tn - Unexp ...

You could also install another instance of the printer with printing preferences set to the special paper size. Choosing a descriptive name for the printer would help users to distinguish the settings.

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by _Christian_ In reply to HP Printer 5100tn - Unexp ...

I do not specifically know this printer, but I have had a lot of experience with printer drivers problems on many types of printers.

So here are a few pointers, which lead you to the solution:

1) Make absolutely sure that you have the latest proper driver for BOTH the printer type and operating systems (I have seen to many poblems caused by drivers mismatches). In some cases, there are also different driver versions depending if the printer is shared on a network or not shared.
To save you time, here is a link to the proper place for drivers for this printer:

2) According to the printer specifications on the HP website (, this printer seem able to use user-defined size IF using the HP Web Jetadmin or the HP LaserJet Utility. So make ABSOLUTELY sure that you do.
Whichever you use will HAVE TO be configured for the actual paper size you want to handle.

This problem interests me, contact me for feedback once you checked those 2 points ;-)

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