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    Hp printer problem


    by dilumd ·

    My printer is HP DeskJet 1360. It is not working since yesterday. When i turn printer on the green power light is blinking. When i give a print, still power light blinking and nothing happened. not even move of a cartridge.

    When i open the cover then cartridge move through to middle position.

    Can anybody give me a solution??

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      by dilumd ·

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      You might be low on ink.

      by Anonymous ·

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      Go into your printers settings and see if the ink(s) have any yellow tags next to them, if so you will need to change the ink that is indicated as low.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Flashing power light

      by bizzo ·

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      Extract from manual

      What the flashing light means
      The Power light can flash for several reasons:
      ● The printer cover is open.
      ● The printer is out of paper.
      ● A problem exists with the printer, such as a paper jam or a problem with a print
      For information about clearing a paper jam, see Paper jam.
      If an error message appears
      Read the error message that explains the problem and its solution.
      If no error message appears
      Check the status of the printer by using the printer tools. To gain access to the tools,
      open the Printer Properties dialog box, click the Features tab, and then click the Printer
      services button.
      Use the printer tools to perform the following tasks:
      ● View estimated ink levels.
      ● Clean the print cartridges.
      ● Calibrate the printer.
      ● Print a test page.
      ● Perform other functions as needed.

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