HP prints blank page

By anders.sorman ·
When i print from the PC konnected to the printer it onely spits out a bank paper, but when i print from my other PC on the home-network it works perfect.
Specs: XP on both PC?s, HP deskjet 5550.

Thanks ADDE

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to HP prints blank page

Have you compared the printer settings on both PCs?

Is the 5550 the default printer - is there a tick next to the printer in Control Panel - Printers and Faxes? If not, right click the printer icon and select 'Set as Default Printer'.

Did you install the printer software on the second PC from the PC the printer is connected to (in which case the settings were initially the same) or from a CD? Has printing ever worked from the PC which now has problems?

Try the following:
- restart the PC and test printing from a different program, or just do a test page (printer Properties, General, Print Test Page)

Last, but not least: have you checked your PC for viruses and spyware? For details, see my anti spyware page at

Lycka till!

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Tack,Tryed everything

by anders.sorman In reply to Settings?

Thanks toivo
yes 5550 is the default printer.
Installed drivers on each PC from its own CD player, and, yes, has worked perfekt, and sudenly not.
Done all the rest, McAfee.

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Enyboody pleace

by anders.sorman In reply to HP prints blank page

no reply?

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by chicsa In reply to Enyboody pleace

I have the same problem with my HP 6110. In order to get it to print on the directly connected system, I had to add the printer as a network printer.

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Please Post if you get a solution!

by julejan In reply to HP prints blank page

I have a similar problem with a HP 7150, it worked fine until I upgraded to a new P4 MB and Processor.
The printer still works fine on another PC and the printer from the other PC works fine on my upgrade.
I have yanked the photosmart drivers out by the roots and reinstalled to no avail.
The self test on the printer works fine, it has just got to be something with the printer driver causing the problem, I just do not seem to be able to locate and weed out the bad driver.
Part of the problem could be Windows doesn't wait for the HP install program but seems to be finding the drivers elsewhere and installing them, I guess I have spent at least 2 or 3 evenings trying to fix this problem and am still sucking wind!
It should be clear that I am not a novice so please don't suggest running virusscan or adaware!
I did experience a couple of problems during the transition from a P3 mainboard to a p4 dual core mainboard, 1st I got a BSOD caused by the driver for a cdrom.
I quickly worked around that by unplugging the CDROM, the configuration quickly accepted the cdrom once I had windows xppro loaded and the VIA drivers installed.
The old MB was an Intel chipset.
I installed the old harddrive on the new mainbboard and had to do a repair/install on the new configuration, fixboot didn't do it.
There were a couple other glitches, one was I had the power led leads reversed and consequently didn't get a power light but other than that a pretty smooth transition.
Didn't realize the printer was not working properly for several days.
Have had zero luck finding answers on the internet with the search engines, which is unusual.
For example I have found answers for a digital camera driver getting a red x on the driver in the hardware profile by searching the internet, coming up with zip for this printer problem!
solution:Was An old scanner driver left installed conflicted with the digital camera driver, delete the old scanner driver!
This has got me scratching and running out of things to try, someone has to had to run into this before:
Given: The USB Printer is Good! HP 7150
Given: The PC prints ok to another USB printer. 882c
And No!! I am not going to do a clean install!! Don't suggest it!
Just too much data on the old HD, although most likely a clean install would fix the printer problem and I would never know what the problem was.

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HP prints blank page

by barry In reply to HP prints blank page

HP print engines use code that uses specific areas of memory to speed up the printer performance. Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention) stops it from running because it resembles a hacker-style code.
To be able to print again with a HP, you'll need to go to Control Panel... System... Data Execution Prevention tab -- Either turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only or Whitelist any HP print engine applications,like hpzeng07.exe
Most HP engines start out hpzen??.exe
Good luck.

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my solution

by iqonearth In reply to HP prints blank page

hp 1020 was giving out blank pages, i reinstalled it but it always gave the msg that driver is not installed.
i tried barrys solution but it didnt work. in my c drive i noticed a wierd looking file, it had a bunch of error messages, i forgot its name but it had "spooler'in it. i ran my antivirus but to no effect. i refreshed windows and installed the printer, now it works fine, idont know if it had anything to do with the file or not but refreshing windows worked for me.

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Printer Printing Blank Pages

by ashily24dee In reply to HP prints blank page


If your printer prints blank pages due to spooler you could fix it easily.

Most of the spooling problems are caused due to malfunctioned printer driver.

Reinstallation of the printer driver may fix this.

Data errors in the system also create spooling problem so you also need to remove such errors.

You could get a plenty software programs to repair printer spooler.

PC Health Advisor is a program which is used to repair printer spooler problem.

Get more information to fix Printer Printing Blank Pages :

Hope this information helps you.

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