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    HP Procurve Switch showing fualt when system is on


    by nhoek ·

    We have a system that all of the sudden starting today when its turned causes our switch to go haywire and flash faults and crashes our network. If we unplug the cable to this system everythign resumes as normal.

    This is odd, I have never seen a system that can crash a switch before.

    Any ideas as to why this could just start to happen? Can a bad nic cause this? this would be a first for me.

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      Some suggestions

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to HP Procurve Switch showing fualt when system is on

      It sounds like is there is a conflict between the switch and a service running on the suspect PC.

      If the problem only occurs when the suspect PC is powered up, disable all network server services (DHCP, DNS, etc.) in that PC.

      If the problem occurs whenever the suspect system is connected to the network, replace the network card and patch cables.

      Console in to the switch and check settings there. You may be able to eliminate the problem by activating error trapping protocols in the switch. You can also see what errors the switch is reporting when you connect the bad system.

      Best of luck.

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