HP Proliant DL380 RAID 5 Server not booting completely

By berniemg ·
Yes, I'm <that> stupid, so please take it into consideration. I manage a server that has a RAID 5 on it. Not knowing what I was doing, I removed the hard drive in Slot 0 and then put the same drive back in to the same slot. Now the server won't boot completely.

After booting, I see this message "Slot 0 HP Smart Array 5i Controller Initializing" for a good amount of time. Then is says 1784 Slot 0 Drive Drive Array Failure. Then it tries to boot Cd, floppy, hard, and NIC. It ends up with Non system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready.

It's a HP Proliant DL380.

So, how screwed am I and what can I do to repair the damage?

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Your Screwed... Unless

by cmiller5400 In reply to HP Proliant DL380 RAID 5 ...

You have a backup. That error is stating that the drive in slot 0 is now toast.

Why were you removing the drive in the first place? How many drives are in the array? Was there a hot spare? Were any of the other drives in the array defunct or degraded?

If the data is important, I'd be on the phone with HP like yesterday... You are probably going to have to spend some major $$$ to get the data back if you don't have backups. (And there is no guarantee that they can even get all the data.)

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well I'm with cmiller5400 except that

by CG IT In reply to Your Screwed... Unless

the drives are supposed to be hotswap. With that you might be able to rebuild the array using the HP SMART RAID array utility that you will see during boot up and before the RAID array initilization screen. Enter the RAID array utility and try a rebuild but I would do it with a new drive. If you try it with the old one, you might lose what is on the old one which if the rebuild is unsuccessful, you might need.

If you can't rebuild it, your screwed.

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I know it's major - I just need some help

by berniemg In reply to well I'm with cmiller540 ...

The server didn't store anything truly critical. It has my virus software on it and that's about it.

All my reading indicated a hotswap as well. If I read CG IT correctly, I should be able to rebuild the array??? Any tips in doing this other than using the utility?

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Dude! unless you used a software RAID

by CG IT In reply to I know it's major - I jus ...

which I doubt this is, call HP.

If this is simply a BS question, call HP.

If it's not a BS question, call HP

in any event call HP.

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