HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 issues running with 2 HP Smart Array Controller

By Gerald Gec ·
Problem is Server does not continue to boot to windows if both HP smart Array is Enabled on the BIOS
I need both controller to be enabled so 420i controller is where my OS is and 420 Controller is where my data is

a.) If 420i Controller is enable and set as default boot controller & 420 Controller is disable then server boots properly. But need the 2nd 420 controller as Data Drive

b.)If both controller is enabled at BIOS and 420i is set as default boot then it stops from the windows Logo and stop responding

c.) if 420 is enabled on BIOS and set as default boot and tried to install OS is get stock in booting and does not continue(Did this just to test if it manages to install OS on 420 Controller)

Hardware Installed under windows 2012 Datacenter
1x HP Smart Array P420i Controller
- with 8x 300GB SAS 2.5" 15k
- Raid 1+0

1x HP Smart Array P420 Controller
- with 8x 600GB SAS 2.5" 10k
- Raid 1+0

Note : No data to be lost since its a new server
- to configure 420i built-in controller with 8 Hard Disk to be the OS drive
- 420 PCI Controller with 8 hard disk to be the Data drive

Please need help on this. Thanks

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Boot order wrong?

by robo_dev In reply to HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 i ...


Document I c03264175

Version: 1
Advisory: ProLiant Gen8 Servers -When Multiple HP Smart Array Controllers Are Present in the System, the Controllers May Not Boot in the Order Set in ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU)

For example, in a system with the following configuration, if bootable Hard Drives are attached to all three controllers, the HP P420i Smart Array Controller would be the primary boot controller:

Boot Controller #1 - HP P420i Smart Array Controller

Boot Controller #2 - Intel SATA Controller

Boot Controller #3 - HP P222 Smart Array Controller

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Reponse To Answer

by Gerald Gec In reply to Boot order wrong?

Thanks for the info. On your example, lets say P420i is the embedded controller and the boot order is in this sequence everything works fine BUT as long as HP P222 is disabled. But if P222 is enabled even with the correct boot sequence which is P420i is boot order # 1 where OS is installed then it does not boot and hangs from windows.

2nd scenerario tested. Did this just to test if the array controller is working fine. I have disable P420i on RBSU and would be using only lets say P222. Created raid and tried to install OS but same issue which can not even install OS. So at the end i was suspecting that P222 might have issues. But i have 2x new servers with same specs but with same issue.

in my case P420i is my embedded and default boot(OS) and P420 is my DATA if things worked out

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