HP Proliant ML 150 G2 Starts, fan turns, lights on but nothing on monitor

By tech ·
I have an HP Proliant ML 150 G2 that has 3 disks on RAID 5 and SUSE Linux 10.1 Installed on it. The server has worked for over one year and suddenly, it stopped working.

When I start the server, the fan turns, the lights come on but there is nothing on the monitor. After a long troubleshooting, I changed the RAMS and it came on reporting that one HDD in the raid is missing or failed, I checked it and restarted it and there was a rebuild.

The server run again for about 4 hours and stopped working again, same symptom. The fan continues to turn loud and never stops or go down. I need help please.

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Do you see anything at all on the screen?

by OH Smeg In reply to HP Proliant ML 150 G2 Sta ...

Like the POST Screen or something like the HP Splash Screen.

If you do you need to check your hardware with something like the Ultimate Boot CD to see what is going wrong. It's available here to download

If the Hardware is OK and has no problems which is unlikely you can try the Emergency Boot CD available here

You need to find out why it's breaking and as this is a server you don't want to waste too much time messing around with it, So use both of the Above to trouble Shoot this problem.

By The Way both are free downloads.

If you see nothing on the screen when you first boot up try unplugging the Mains for about 30 seconds and see if after that the System will post. If it doesn't post back here with the details.


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There is nothing at all on the screen

by tech In reply to Do you see anything at al ...

Hi OH Smeg,
I have downloaded both CDs and have tried them and still nothing appears on the screen. The first boot device seems to be CD-ROM alright because it is how it was during installation of the Linux.
It powers ok but the fan sound continues to be loud and nothing appears on the screen. I don?t know if Linux could cause this during booting. Any more help here?

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Neither of those Disc's installs anything

by OH Smeg In reply to There is nothing at all o ...

Though both do run straight off the Disc's.

Have you tried removing the Power Lead?

Quite often power Spikes scramble the M'Board/CPU and because these are always powered turning off isn't sufficient the 5 V DC Rail remains Powered so you can turn on the system next time. Also if the Mains Socket in the Wall or the Mains Lead has not been connected correctly you may be switching the Neutral not the Active so Turning off is not actually doing anything.

If you can not get any response from the unit unplug pull the side cover off and replace the BIOS Battery. This should be a coin sized battery of the CR2033 Type with a rating of 3 Volts.

After its replaced you'll need to enter BIOS and set the Date, Time & Boot Order at least.


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BIOS Battery Replacement

by tech In reply to Neither of those Disc's i ...

Thanks for all your help. By BIOS Battery replacement, do you mean actually taking the one available one out and buying a new one or taking it out for sometime and fixing it back?

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Well the battery should be a CR2032 or sometimes called a

by OH Smeg In reply to BIOS Battery Replacement

S3221 Battery.

All you need do is pickup another Battery shut down the unit unplug it and drop out the old and fit the new. Just make sure to use a Static Wrist Strap and ground yourself tot he Server Case before reaching inside it. After all you don't want to fry the unit with a Static Discharge do you?

After you have replaced the battery plug in reboot and enter BIOS and reset the Date & Time save the changes on exiting and the unit should boot normally and not have any problems.


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I replaced the battery and nothing changed

by tech In reply to Well the battery should b ...

Hello again,

I replaced the battery and it is the same. I have tried to boot with HP?s own bootable diagnoses CD and it didn?t work. A friend says there might be a faulty component on the Board, any more suggestions?

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Any more suggestions. Well how long is a piece of string.

by OH Smeg In reply to I replaced the battery an ...

Start off by reducing the system to the minimum number of components that will allow it to work. So remove everything from the M'Board except the CPU/Heat Sink, 1 stick of RAM and any Plug In Cards this M'Board should have On Board Video so plug into that. Unplug the HDD's and try booting now.

If you now get anything on the screen you can drop in The Ultimate Boot CD or the HP Diagnostic CD and run some Diagnostics but if you get nothing try a different Power Supply that you know is good if you have one.

Once it works at this level start replacing thing's 1 at a time and see if it keeps working. As you have a RAID here you'll need to add the drives as 1 Array so I think you said RAID 5 that will be all 3 HDD's and then boot up and see if it still produces any Display on the Screen. Keep adding parts till it either stops working or it's fully assembled. Just make sure to run the Diagnostics before you allow this unit to remain on for any length of time.

If when you reduce the machine to the Minimum Components that will allow it to run to the POST "Power On Self Test" and get no display you have a very basic Hardware Issue and at this point you need to test things inside the computer. As this is a Server Board it's not possible to change a lot of the internals with Desktop Computers things like the RAM are EEC and are Parity Checked unlike desktop RAM which is the common cheap stuff. About all that is interchangeable with a Desktop computer is the CPU, so without another unit like this to test with I don't think that you can proceed much further.

If this in in a Business can they afford to continue to have it down not running? It's got to be costing them money in lost production at the very least so it may be worthwhile replacing the unit and forgetting about this one.

Also is there much dust & muck inside the Case? Or covering the Circuit Boards? If there is clean it out with Canned Air. If you use something like a Vacuum Cleaner this will generate Static and do more damage than is already done and may even destroy the computer. If you use Compressed Air from a Compressor it may force something into a place that causes a Short Circuit and damage the M'Board & or Power Supply. When you **** the unit out make sure to stop any fans from spinning these can generate power and damage internal components. Do Not use a duster to clean the Circuit Boards as these generate Static to pickup the fine dust and will destroy any Circuit Board that they come in contact with.

I hope that lot is understandable at least.

Lets know how things go.


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