hp proliant server booting problem

By nsotonye ·
My Hp Proliant server went down due to power failure. Now Im trying to startup the server but it is not booting. The front panel has the amber light on, but nothing seems to be happening. no sounds, nothing. Please help!!

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by bart777 In reply to hp proliant server bootin ...

Ok, first try removing all extra devices that may be attached such as USB devices. These have been known to cause a few HP servers to hang on reboot.

If that fails then remove the power from the box for about 10 seconds. Uplug it from the wall or UPS.

If that STILL doesn't work and you are not even getting a BIOS screen then you will need to contact HP for help. If you don't even get a bios screen the motherboard may be toast.

Best of luck.

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Well it all depends on how this is connected to the Mains

by OH Smeg In reply to hp proliant server bootin ...

If there is no filtering or UPS in line you need at the very least a New Power Supply.

1 If you have a UPS in line check it's battery if it has gone off the system will not start usually.

2 If there is a Filter on the Mains Circuit check it to see if it has blown and needs replacing.

3 If the PS is dead you need to check the Computer with a Disposable Known Good Power Supply to see if it still works. If it does fine replace the Power Supply.

3a If it blows up the Power Supply you are testing with you need a new Server and start digging out your most recent Backup's.

4 If nothing at all happens check the Known Good PS on another computer it could have been destroyed when you applied power if it was go to step 3a.

If the system blows the PS you shouldn't risk another PS to test the drives but if you haven't got a recent backup you can try fitting these to another computer but you may destroy that as well and if these are Hot Swappable the computer you destroy will be another Server Chassis.


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