HP psc 2175 all in one inkjet printer self-test failed

By danderson88 ·
My HP psc 2175 all in one printer,the self- test lite blinks four times and then power off?
My Hp printer will not power up, self test lite blinks 4 time and then the printer power off? anyone have an answer or solution to this problem.....thanks

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No error codes in user manual

by mjd420nova In reply to HP psc 2175 all in one in ...

I checked the user manual and they don't give any error codes to decipher the flasking lights. They(HP) advise calling for support.

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While I did not find your actual problem, these may help

by w2ktechman In reply to HP psc 2175 all in one in ...

The all-in-one product turns off repeatedly
When there are low power problems, the all-in-one may turn off repeatedly. Low power is a common problem in many home offices, because of the number of electronic devices concentrated in one area. To correct the problem, follow the steps below:
Unplug the all-in-one power cable from any power strip or surge suppressor. Plug it directly into a wall outlet.
Verify that the computer power cable, the all-in-one power cable, and the power strip have a three-prong plug.
Reduce the number of devices sharing the power circuit in the office or home wiring.
If the problem still exists, service your product.

The all-in-one product display always reads "Initializing"
This may occur in a low power situation. Follow these steps in order to determine the cause:
Verify that the computer and the all-in-one product have a three-prong power plug.
Unplug the product cable from any power strips or surge suppressors, and plug it directly into a grounded (three-prong) wall outlet.
If the all-in-one has an ADF with an external cable plugging into the back of the product:
Turn off the unit.
Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
Unplug the ADF cable from the back of the product.
Plug the ADF cable to the back of the product.
Plug in the power cable, and turn on the power.
If no change, the problem is not the ADF.
If the problem clears, turn off the all-in-one, unplug the power cable, and plug in the ADF.
If the error returns, the ADF is defective. Contact HP Customer Care to get the ADF replaced.
Unplug the USB or parallel communication cable from the back of the all-in-one and try to power up the all-in-one. The computer may be grounding out through the communications cable. If this corrects the issue, check the grounding of the computer and outlet.
If the above steps did not resolve your issue, contact HP for additional issue verification or the servicing of your product.

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HP psc 2175 all in one turns off repeatedly resolved

by danderson88 In reply to While I did not find your ...

the above problem cleared, Now another problem.
repeated the Power on Power off of printer several times: the same results
1. Self-test
2. "Initializing"
3. Remove and Check Cartridge
4. Removed and Checked Cartridge several times the results the same?
5. Cleaned the Cartridge electrical contacts
serveral times the results the same?
6. Updated the HP psc 2175 Firmware
"remove and check cartridge. did not resolve my issue.

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Put a new cartridge in........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to HP psc 2175 all in one t ...

If removing and checking the current cartridge doesn't fix the problem, try putting in a new cartridge.

By the way, how did you "fix" the last problem? Perhaps it's not REALLY fixed after all.

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