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hp psc win xp pro and office xp issues

By Jaqui ·
The issues are:

1) the printer locks up, forcing a restart of the system.

2) printing NOT available from access.

the printer is connecting through a virtual usb printer port. with hp supplied drivers for the printer.

when restarting windows, the printer drivers re configure themselves, twice.

any ideas on how to get this to work?

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by Black Panther In reply to hp psc win xp pro and off ...

Does it lock up straight away or does it print sometimes and then lock up??

Does the printer work on another system/computer via usb ok??

Are there any error messages displayed??

Does it happen on large jobs only??

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by Jaqui In reply to

thanks, the questions you asked helped refine the bug search. :)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hp psc win xp pro and off ...

Jaqui you should know better than to use HP products.

Well the obvious thing is if it's new get HP to fix it I've seen numerous problems related to HP products that are not fixed over here as when they get a faulty product they just bin it and give you a new one. Great while it's UG but a pig when your paying for it.

But it sounds like the printer interface so if there are new drivers for the Printer or USB Hub I would be installing those and trying again. You can also try to add some more memory as it may be running low on RAM and locking up because the HDD is nearing full or the Page File has been set to a maximum limit and is full, you could also try increasing the available Page File size as well.

I've seen numerous HP's work for a while and then die for no apparent reason one had a dead PS and when it was replaced with a new one didn't work properly I fitted a 480 W Antec to it and it ran like a charm but of course the PS couldn't be fitted inside the case so when I gave it back to the HP agents here I just told them it was the PS which they had changed 4 times already.

Apparently the old PS was being over driven and eventually burnt out and the new ones had even less power available. I don't know how they solved that one but I could at least tell them what was going wrong.

Drop me a line if you don't have any joy and I see if I can help you.


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by Jaqui In reply to

Thanks, I'll have to get his okay to spend a few hours to rip the system settings apart to find out why this machine won't work right. with it. the same printer works fine on his other machine.

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by Jaqui In reply to hp psc win xp pro and off ...

Black Pather, locks up straight away.
as soon as you click print.

not my system I use linux.

but I did check for driver updates, tried with the included drivers for xp and with the hp supplied drivers.

the usb hub is ms supplied drivers.
and it's only the psc that is a problem through it.
the psc is a problem even when connected directly.

the machine with the problem is my landlord's business machine, his own personal machine with same printer no problem.

I'll check page file size for the lockup issue.

but that still leaves why windows won't save the printer config data.

nor why access officexp won't print at all, word, excel notepad, all other apps will print, after a reboot.

oh, it will only lock up the first time you try printing in a session, reboot the system and hit print right away and it prints.

printer is still under warranty, as it's less than a month old.

I had to deal with hp's customer service a couple of weeks back, 2 hours and no joy.
finally solved that problem myself.
( changed the usb cable all of a sudden everything worked. )

since this printer works fine, with same cable, on the other system I just realised it has to be an xp setting somewhere.

joy time to rip the registry apart to see why it is locking the printer drivers out.
and check access config to see why it's not allowing printing.

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by Jaqui In reply to hp psc win xp pro and off ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by Jaqui In reply to hp psc win xp pro and off ...

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