HP Recovery and data loss on added 2nd drive

By jcmallorykc ·
I found myself having to use HP's recovery console on my 2nd system.. I disconnected all peripherals as stated.. but neglected to remove 2nd aftermarket drive...now, the system works.. but shows the 2nd drive as "bad"....anyone have any ideas on recovering the drive? Or is it fubar?

All suggestions appreciated....


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Depends what's on the HDD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HP Recovery and data loss ...

And what error message you are getting as to how you proceed from here.

By the sounds of things the MBR's have become corrupted when you ran the Recovery Install but if you have important data loaded on this drive that isn't backed up I would start very carefully and not use a single M$ Fix tool that is supplied. While you may be able to recover your Data if you start messing with it the chances of a complete recovery decrease with every move that you make.

However if there are just Programs loaded on this drive and you have the Data Backed up just blow away the current drive and format it up then reload your software and restore your data from your backup.

If you need to recover your data you'll need to supply more information as to the actual error message that you are getting from Windows which version of Windows you are actually using and approx how much data you need to recover as well as how much you are willing to spend on the recovery.

As a Guesstimate I would say that you'll be looking at a software package costing around $1,200 US and you could have everything working within a few minutes. If you don't want to go that path you'll need another HDD to save your recovered data to and a decent Data Recovery Program that can take up to several weeks to run completely.

The choice is all yours from here on in.


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2nd Drive

by Kiltie In reply to HP Recovery and data loss ...

Agree with Col here.

It all depends on what is on that 2nd drive and how important it is to you.

If not important, reformat it.

If important, you can possibly use a LiveCD to recover the data, You can boot from one of those without affecting your existing system, even if you haven't fully recovered from the rebuild.

Any modern Linux LiveCD will do, or BartsPE for an XP style approach.

Post back if you need links.

Good luck, as I said and Col, it all depends on how important the data is on that 2nd drive.
If it isn't necessary, simply reformat it.

Depending on the size, why not consider repartitioning the drive as well?
Again, post back if you need details on how to do this.

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This shld wrk

by stanley.perumala In reply to HP Recovery and data loss ...

Please let me know whether you have used the recovery console cd or the set of HP recovery discs( these disks would be 8 to 9 cd's or 2- 3 ) because with the set of disks if u have performed a recovery then it is impossible to recover the data from the secondary hardrive.

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