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HP Restarting woes with XP

By Duane_Dixon ·
I have an HP desktop that I am working on for the past couple of days and am at a bit of an impass.

The system is giving and error message of stop: 0x0000007b(0xf7934524,0xc00000034,0x00000000x0x00000000)

Now, here is the quirky part. The system will boot into safe mode, but will continuously restart if you try to boot it normally. I have checked the hard drive for integrity using Spin Rite 6.0 and the HDD is good. XP seems to think it is a problem with the partition. This system did not come with an XP disk, but it came with the HP restore CD's (9 of them!). When you try to boot with the restore CD's normally you will have 2 choices for restore, one with just overwrite windows and leave all programs in place and the other is to completely rewrite the HDD. Only the completely rewrite HDD is available, it thinks the partition is not formatted properly. Funny since the system will boot into safe mode. Now there is data on the machine that needs to be retrieved. Of course owner did not do any backups, so a system rewrite is out of the question at this moment.

I have checked for viruses and none have been found. I am at a loss right now and would really appreciate any suggestions that you all may have. Thanks.

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Well first things first

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HP Restarting woes with X ...

Remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and save all of the data. Now if the Owner has Passworded Protected their account you'll need to take ownership of the files by following the directions here


If they have used the Windows EFS you'll need to save a copy of the encryption key by following the directions here


Now as you have all of the owners data backed up wipe the HDD with a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke available here


Now download the drive makers testing utility from their Web Site and test the drive to see if it's actually working properly the chances are that it's on it's way out and is failing to read the data when you attempt to boot with a Full Windows load so you get the Loop. Or if that is not the problem the only other option is the HDD Controller on the M'Board is about to die and then trash the Partition Information on the HDD so it's a good idea to grab a Backup now before it costs thousands to recover the data.

Remember test the HDD with the Makers Utility and if it fails the test remove it from that computer fit it to another one and test again. If it fails again the HDD is faulty and needs replacing and if it passes on the second test the HDD Controller on the M'Board is going faulty and the M'Board needs replacing.


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Thank you for the reply, still some problems.

by Duane_Dixon In reply to Well first things first

I put the HDD in a USB caddy and the system will pick up the USB mass storage device but I cannot see the drive in the My computer area. I then thought it might be a problem with the computer that I was using so I tried it on another computer and the same issue. Okay, then I take the HDD and plug it directly into the slave ribbon cable and connect it directly to another system. Hoping to get windows to see the drive and then I can get the data off. Well, the device manager sees it but the my computer area does not see it. I am so tired of working on this, but I gotta get it working.

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Install the XP Recovery console and try the following

by Why Me Worry? In reply to HP Restarting woes with X ...

To install the recovery console:

Place XP CD in CDROM and run winnt32 /cmdcons to install the Windows Recovery Console

Reboot the machine and select the Recovery Console from the OS Chooser Menu

select your partion from the list, which should be only one choice and press Enter

login as administrator to access the console

input following command: FIXMBR

this should fix the NTFS master boot record if it was corrupted in any way

exit the recovery console and reboot

see if the problem persists

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