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    HP Server memory: OEM or generic?


    by joe ·

    OK, here’s the deal, guys.

    I need to upgrade a client’s HP server (a Netserver E60). The machine uses 256 MB DIMMS. The memory type is 100 Mhz, SDRAM, ECC, and 3.3V.

    I need four of these DIMMS, for a total of 1GB of memory. The official HP part for this memory module costs $943 at HP’s site. That’s almost $4000 for memory, which I feel is obscene.

    I can find memory modules of the exact same type and configuration from Kingston, or Viking, or similar vendors, for around $100 each. They even reference the specific HP part number I want, implying compatibility.

    Here’s the rub. The HP documenation explicitly says USE ONLY HP MEMORY. I’d like to think I know better, but I haven’t worked extensively with HP hardware and thought I remember people telling me about problems with HP systems when they didn’t buy components from HP.

    If I was dealing with say, a Dell, I’d just go generic, but this HP makes me nervous.

    If the price of HP memory was double, I’d play it safe and go with HP. But 10 times more for the same memory? I’d feel like a chump paying that price, but am I asking for trouble if I go with a memory vendor instead of HP?

    Anybody have any experience with this? Thanks.

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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      I found a White Paper on the HP web site titled “Why Buy HP Memory” dated March ’99

      (remove any embedded spaces from the URL)

      After reading HP’s argument, I personnally don’t believe it justifies the price, especially when upgrading a server that is essentially obsolete.

      Using third-party memory will not void the server’s warranty (if it still has a valid one), although HP will not provide support or warranty fixes for problems caused by non-HP parts.

      Therefore, I think you need to ask a few questions:
      1. What warranty is available for the third-party memory? Many vendors offer lifetime warranties for a small price premium
      2. Is their still awarranty in force on the server? not likely.
      3. What is the criticality of the server? This has more to do with troubleshooting if problems do arise with non-HP parts.
      4. How much longer will this server be in service? This server is essentially obsolete. For roughly $2,000, your client could get a NEW HP server that is many more times as capable/ powerful as his current server.
      5. How much money does the client have to spend? May be the ultimate determining factor!

      The ultimate choice of which way to go should be the client’s. You can best do your job by putting forth the options and the pros and cons of each option.

      If it was me, I would recommend the third-aprty memory. You could replace faulty third-party memory almost 10 times before approaching the price of OEM replacement from HP.

      Or alternately, tell the client that for another $500-1000 over the cost of the HP memory, he could get a brand new server that is 10 times as powerful as his present one (depending on the exisitng server’s configuration, of course).

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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by thechas ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      I would check and see what Crucial has to offer.

      While I have had problems with “no-name” generic memory, I have never had any problems with Crucial or the other name brands.


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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by paw_blue ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      I know alort of people will disgaree with me on this however ram is ram.. if it does what it is supposed to their will be no issues. Buying crucial simply gives you a a longer warranty.. no performance increase or peace of mind. Infact crucial have been having issues with alot of their more recent batches. I would just buy the generic ECC. I use generic ram in all my systems i have made and I havent had 1 problem so far.

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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by yelhsa3840 ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      if kingston has memory that they say will work with HP there usually right i work at an HP plotter company and we use kingston memory even though hp says only use theirs we only had one problem with memory and kingston helped us fix it

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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by paulp ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      If this was my own computer, I would risk it. If it was a client, I would not. If something were to go wrong, you would be responsible. That’s the cost of doing business.

      Have you priced this memory at major suppliers like CDW?
      CDW carriesgenuine HP memory and the prices looked more reasonable than what you mentioned. I can’t be sure it was exactly what you needed because I didn’t have the part number. Do a little searching. Have the HP part number handy so you can verify compatabilty.

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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by csmith ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      On Kingston, Viking, and some other reputable brands, yes, we use them in upgrades, and they work.
      Most of our customers are small, and their equipment comes from buying these servers when larger outfits upgrade.
      They can not afford new HP memory.
      You are not going to get 100MHz anymore from Kingston, Viking, etc., it will actually be 133MHz, and it will work.
      Regards, Chris

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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by electricdragon ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      I own 2 netservers myself, and 1 of them has 3 brand’s of ram in it, never had a problem.
      I also did extensive research at HP’s site when I got them, and found them more than willing to sell me a 1 gig SCA drive for over $800.
      Other drives have worked just fine
      Your right, Obscene.

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      HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

      by joe ·

      In reply to HP Server memory: OEM or generic?

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