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    HP Smart Arrray 5i Issue


    by ksrassier ·

    I have a HP DL380 G2 server with 36Gb drives in it configured as Raid 5 with an online spare. I recently bought 72Gb drives to replace the 36Gb drives. I know the drives are hot swappable so I started to replace the drives and everything was going fine until I got to the 4th out of 6 drives. When I put the 4th drive in it looked like it was starting to rebuild but then it failed and now all I get is “Ready For Rebuild”. I have rebooted the server tried different drives and even tried putting the 36Gb back in. I am a little stuck and I am worried if I have a drive failure before I get this fixed. Any help would be great!


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      by ksrassier ·

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      I’d contact HP

      by cmiller5400 ·

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      RAID issues can be tricky…

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      is your RAID 5 3 drives with a hot spare?

      by cg it ·

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      hot spare HDDs and hoy swap are two different things. The hot spare drive is there in case 2 drives fail in a RAID 5 array. RAID 5 can tolerate 1 failed drive but not 2. If 2 drives fail, the hot spare acts as 1 drive to ensure there’s no data lost. [parity bit gets placed on the hot spare]

      In any event if you simply start swapping out HDDs, your going to run into problems. As I mentioned, RAID 5 can only tolerate 1 failed drive. if you simply swap out one drive, the RAID 5 array will recover, but if you swap out 2 drives, the RAID array will use the hot spare. If you change out the hot spare, the RAID array will see that as 2 HDD failed and require a rebuild. With 2 drives gone, you’ll probably experience data loss.

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        by ksrassier ·

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        Our RAID is setup with 5 drives and a spare. I know that RAID 5 can only tolerate 1 drive failure. We were swapping the drives 1 at a time letting the drive rebuild and just to be safe rebooting before we started on the next drive. When we got to the 4th drive is when the problem came about where the drive would not rebuild.

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