HP, Vista hanging after showing strange patterns on the screen

By hp_vista ·
i have bought an HP laptop last year. It is having Nvidia Graphics card in it. I also had norton installed in my machine but it expired last week and i removed it.

But suddenly now i am facing an issue where in sudednely the image on my laptop distorts and the computer hangs.
In case i am running a movie the image distorts and start vibrating and the sound too sort of start vibrating sounding like gunfire.
when i turn off the computer.. it shows distorted images then tells there is a startup problem the system tries to restore and
it starts after that.
the samething continues later on..

This happens very randomly.

Please let me know the solution of the same.

it starts

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by BFilmFan In reply to HP, Vista hanging after s ...

Is the system over heating?

This sounds like a hardware issue and with a laptop, that is usually some high dollar repair and shop time required, since you are hearing a noise.

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no its not

by hp_vista In reply to Heat?

infact i have bought a laptop cooler so..it takes care of the heat.
Also this happens very randomly.. sometime it takes hrs and some time as soon as i login into the system.

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What exactly do you mean by

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP, Vista hanging after s ...

then tells there is a startup problem the system tries to restore and
it starts after that.

Are you saying that you run the System Restore to rebuild the system back to the Original Factory Image or do you mean something else?

We also need to know what the Model of the HP Note Book is as there may be known issues with that particular model.

But no matter what it could be a Hardware failure or it may be the result of a nasty infection that can survive a Format. Without much more information it's impossible to say one way or the other.


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thanks for reply...

by hp_vista In reply to What exactly do you mean ...

not to the original factory image but to the last time it shut down properly..
it HP DV 20000
I have not formatteed my machine ...
yet... but there coudl be a possibility of a mal ware as it started to happen after my notrton got expired.

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Have you scanned for Malware and other infections?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks for reply...

With things like Malware Bytes


Spy Bot S&amp


And whatever AV Program you are currently running?

If not install the above update as required and then boot into Safe Mode with the System Restore Turned off and scan the system till it is either clean or you are unable to remove something.

OH By The Way HP doesn't list a HD 20000 Computer lots of External HDD's and things like that but no computers with that Model Number.


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