HP web jetadmin on windows 7

By robertsdoug ·
It seems that HP has no plans to make HP web jetadmin work on windows 7. i migrated to 7 last year, and they still haven't released an update for it. Upon install, it simply errors. I've even modified the .msi file to get past the error, but it still doesn't work.

Anyone have a fix?

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Have you tried whatever passes for compatibility mode

by seanferd In reply to HP web jetadmin on window ...
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by robertsdoug In reply to Have you tried whatever p ...

Compatibility mode didnt work. This program requires it to be connected to the network. VM is not an option.

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A system running XP mode can't connect to a network?

by seanferd In reply to Yes

News to me. That's awful. I would use a different virtualization option, then, instead of the MS offering.

If you simply won't use a VM otherwise, or can't use a machine running XP natively, then I rather suspect that you are out of luck. Unless you can find something in the install log or event logs which will give you a hint on how to correct the problem.

That is, no one can get the source code from HP, re-write it, and compile it for 7.

Then, you haven't said what errors you receive. You are installing as an administrator, yes?

I'm surprised, however, that it will not even install at all.

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Dual Boot (if you're up to the challenge) . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to HP web jetadmin on window ...

you could set up a dual boot situation
- provided the system you are using has XP drivers available
- and ideally with a separate HDD

here's the MS page with the common snag that happens when installing XP after vista / win7
is already installed**9529

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