HP xw4400x AHCI Driver, or lack of driver

By jerken ·
I am trying to create an image of some new HP xw4400X workstations and I am getting a BSOD during the install of Windows XP. I believe that the cause is the SATA controller. When installing XP Pro, when prompted, I press F6 and I specify an additional driver and I have tried several drivers from LSI, Intel and HP. I found a document from HP that says ?HP supports the LSI SAS304 1E SAS Controller?, this is the one document telling me specifically what controller might be in the computer. The only way I have been able to get around this is to change the BIOS setting for the SATA Emulation from ?RAID+AHCI? (Factory default) to ?Separate IDE Controller?. The computer came to us with Windows installed so I know there is a driver for the ?RAID+AHCI? setting, or do I have to shake the voodoo magic wand over the computer to make it work correctly? Does anyone know what driver is the real driver or some other way to get it to work?

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I am having the same problem, have you found a solution

by tony.leod In reply to HP xw4400x AHCI Driver, o ...

My name is Tony and I work for Charles Darwin Uni in the Northern Territory in Australia, I also require a solution alas so far have not found one, i have a solution for a single SATA driver and the necessary requirements for our sysprep but the SATA/RAID still alludes me, any help would be appreciated and if I find a resolution I will return in kind. Thanks

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I have, but...

by jerken In reply to I am having the same prob ...

The main IT department in the company I work for had a copy of Windows XP SP2 that had the drivers integrated into it; I think they may have received their copy from HP. Unfortunately because I didn?t do the integrating of the drivers I don?t know were they got them from or what they are called. I wish I could help you, keep looking because the difference in the speed of the computer is worth the trouble.

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Normal sollution

by gixx In reply to HP xw4400x AHCI Driver, o ...

I think it's a bit late for my reply , but in your case have you tried booting with the recovery CD that came with your HP machine ? Not with the Win XP SP2 cd but directly with the XW4400x restore cd. The drivers for the AHCI are onto that one and are loaded at setup. Keep in mind that by using the recovery CD , it will erase all data on your hard drive and create a single partition , so backup first !

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Kind of late for the reply

by @lberto In reply to HP xw4400x AHCI Driver, o ...

Very simple, just change a small change on the BIOS. When booting up, click F10, the go to Storage, then Storage Options and SATA Emulation select IDE.
That will do the trick
You're welcome :)

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