HP ZV5000 Network Icon Disappeared

By vbelltechguru ·
Over two years ago I ran into the power connector issue (weak solder point on the mother board). At about the same time, the LAN icon disappeared from the task manager section on the bottom right. Now, of course a short in the system could of fried the nic adapter but I'd like to perform some troubleshooting and am asking for ideas.

Windows XP SP3
Kaspersky AntiVirus (Norton and McAfee can go shove it)

Behavior noticed in the meantime:
1) For a period of time the nic would show after a reboot and would remain until the next reboot. Not a guarantee it would show after each reboot. I had a hdd failure and had to have a new one installed and since then it hasn't shown once.

2) Hardware Manager shows no ? and no LAN is displayed with my WiFi adapter under Network Adaptors.

I'm thinking that maybe this is a driver issue and for some reason the older driver isn't playing well with some windows updates or maybe the hw had taken a hit dur to the known power issue. If it's the hw then I'm SOL but if it's a driver issue I was wondering if someone would know of it.

1) When I go under Network Connections in Control Panel I do not have a Local Area COnnection.
2) Hardware Manager doesn't show a LAN under Network Devices. No ? are shown either.
3) I'm sure this isn't an "icon display" issue.
4) The adaptor itself doesn't show any lights. The link/status LEDs are not blinking or anything.

NEW INFO 06/14/08:
1) Opening cmd prompt and typing ipconfig only displays information on the wireless network adapator. No information is displayed for a lan network adapator.

It's kind of like the LAN hw itself isn't even recognized by the system as being present.


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There is a strong possibility ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HP ZV5000 Network Icon Di ...

That when the new hard drive was fitted, and the operating system freshly installed onto this new hard drive, the NIC driver was NEVER installed.

Try using your drivers disc which came with the ZV5000. Reinstall ALL your drivers as they appear in sequence on that disc.

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Good idea but tried it

by vbelltechguru In reply to There is a strong possibi ...

I tried that already. :) I reinstalled from my original disk and when that didn't work I dled the latest driver from HP with the same results.

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Have you checked to see if the icon is turned on?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to HP ZV5000 Network Icon Di ...

There is a check box to turn that icon on/off. It's in the Local Area Connection portion of Network Connections and there are several ways to get to it.

(1) Right click My Network Places on the desktop and choose Properties.

(2) Click Start -> Network Connections

(3) Go through the Control Panel.

No matter how you get there, you will see an icon for Local Area Connection. Right click that and choose properties. Near the bottom, you will see a check box to "Show Icon In Notification Area When Connected". Place a check mark in that box.

Now, if it's already checked and you still don't see the icon, try unchecking it, click OK to get out, then reboot. After that, go back and turn it on again.

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No LAN icon

by vbelltechguru In reply to Have you checked to see i ...

There is no Local Area Connection icon. I have the WiFi icon but no other icon. I tried creating a New Network but that didn't work either.

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Who fitted the new hard drive?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No LAN icon

I'm not familiar with the ZV5000, apart from all the stories I've read about them, so I'm unfamiliar with the steps required to remove/refit hard drives to this particular chassis.

If the replacement required disassembly of the fascia, perhaps the NIC connector became dislodged at that time?

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Good idea

by vbelltechguru In reply to Who fitted the new hard d ...

I've checked the hdd and it's easily removed without opening the laptop itself. Good idea that somehow a connector got loose though. The warranty is expired and I've dismantled a number of Dell and HP laptops in my past so I'll give it a go on this one.

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ok..gave it a go.

by vbelltechguru In reply to Good idea

I noticed the nic is on the opposite side of the hdd so it's doubtful anything happened that would cause a loose connection. I double checked though and removed the side plate that would expose as much of the nic side of the laptop as possible. From what I saw, the NIC is soldered to the MoBo without any external connectors. Looks like the NIC is fried somehow or maybe I'm missing some critical driver (even though I reinstalled everything from HP).

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Are you saying

by Jacky Howe In reply to HP ZV5000 Network Icon Di ...

that there is no Network Adapter showing in Device Manager.
Try pressing F10 on startup and see if it has been disabled in the BIOS.

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No BIOS option for NIC disable/enable

by vbelltechguru In reply to Are you saying

I checked BIOS and there is not option for disabling/enabling the NIC. I know what you are talking about as the BIOS in my desktop PC contains the option you mentioned. Apparently the BIOS for the laptop doesn't provide the user with that configuration option.

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Oh..forgot to mention

by vbelltechguru In reply to Are you saying

Forgot to answer your original question. Device Manager doesn't show a LAN network adaptor. It shows the WLAN (WiFi) network adaptor and no ? are shown indicating that adition hw was found but no compatible driver was found.

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