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hp zv5000 wont turn on just blank

By camnis ·
hi i have a mates zv5000 when i press the power it seems to power up then it just sits there with a dead black screen i have tryed to use a 2nd screen to see if it might be the screen but there,s nothing when i asked him what happend at the time of shut down he said that he was using a external burner and he had to shut the burner down half way through reading a disc and when he tryed to close the program it froze up and then he wasnt able to do anything else except try to restart with the power button and removed the burner from the usb slot first before pressing the power when he held the power down to restart fresh he was,nt able to get any power up to screen but it seems to turn on with a power up sound an fans turn on but with nothing else happening as we cannot see if there is anything happening with the screen blank with no power to it ... i have looked at most of the questions surrounding thing models problems an they seem to be close to whats happening to my mates hp thanks if you could help me out as im buggered on this one....

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hp zv5000 wont turn on ju ...

This might be of some assistance

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by sirsketchy In reply to


I just wanted to say THANKS. I was just applying some Artic Silver 5 thermal gel to my brothers cpu and after putting it all back together I got the black screen of death. I almost crapped my pants, lol, but after resetting the ram everything is cooler than ever (no pun intended).

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by ozi Eagle In reply to hp zv5000 wont turn on ju ...


Try unplugging the AC adaptor and removing the battery for a minute or so. Then re install the battery, plug in the adaptor and see if it will start. It might be in some hibernation mode.

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by camnis In reply to hp zv5000 wont turn on ju ...

i have pulled it pretty well apart an have seen nothing wrong or any smells of burned put back together an still does the same seems to turn on then just sits with a blank non power screen but the rest seems to power the drive opens an spins the disc if it was a hardware problem as the first post said would a new hard drive fix this problem with a reinstall????

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by jn1009 In reply to hp zv5000 wont turn on ju ...

I also have a zv5000 with this exact problem. I took it to 3 "hp certified" repair centers and none of them can fix it. Actually, none of them could even find the problem. One replaced the motherboard, one replaced the video card, and the other said that since the motherboard had already been replaced that there is nothing they could do. Still the same problem! Sometimes it does boot after leaving it alone for a while,2+ weeks or so, but then it only boots for like 4 mins or so, then blue screens or just shuts off. Checked the AC connector, battery, etc. and no one has been able to help. Formatted like 5 times, which takes a while and i usually end up just taking the hard drive out and formatting it from my desktop, but still no luck. For some reason, after a format and windows reinstall it works for like 3 or so weeks with no probs at all, but then the same issue comes back. Has anyone found a solution to this prob?

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