hp zx5180us - external power supply connection problems

By lcecchini ·
My HP zx5180us works fine, but I frequently have problems getting my external power cords to maintain a connection. The internal connector seems fine, but it appears that the connection is "loose". If I hold the connect to the side in any direction, the connection usually works. But if I release the connector, the connection is frequently lost.

I have checked and it appears that both the car & 110 connectors are the correct size.

Any suggestions?

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The power socket has a central spindle that the jack fits over ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to hp zx5180us - external po ...

Most laptop power adaptors have a jack with a hole right down the centre of it. This fits over a corresponding spindle within the chassis-mounted socket on the laptop.

By far, the most used part of any laptop is the AC adaptor jack plug and socket. Each time the jack is either inserted or removed, or if the laptop is physically moved while the jack is inserted, strain is placed on this connection. Many AC adaptor jacks are moulded into a Right-Angled housing in order to attempt to relieve any exerted strain by minimising the chance of the jack brushing against any objects or other desktop cables - but from the illustrations I have seen, your jack doesn't appear to have this right-angled housing.,hp,pavilion-zx5180us-hp-234235,laptop-ac-adapter/showLargePicture/

What you are experiencing is the loosening of this central spindle within the chassis AC socket and this is something that should be addressed with urgency.

You should take the laptop to a computer repair shop where they can (hopefully) strengthen the central spindle, or attempt a replacement. It all depends on whether the AC socket is fitted to the end of a trailing lead within the laptop or if it is soldered directly onto the motherboard.

Either way, if you continue to push against the seated jack plug (in order to 'make' the connection) eventually you'll have placed sufficient stress on the socket for the central spindle to sheer off completely, at which point you will no longer have ANY AC connection at all.

When the spindle does sheer off, it invariably gets stuck inside the hole in the middle of the jack plug, thereby rendering the AC adaptor unusable also, until a replacement jack plug (if you can find one) is fitted.

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Do you solder

by bwsusa In reply to hp zx5180us - external po ...

I own a zx5180us the problem is that the solder joint on the back side is not well secured from your manufacturer. you would have to disassemble you system and solder it back together. Its a good 2hr repair job. I would also recommend using a liberal amount of hot glue around the edges and over the top once you start your reassembly.

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