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    Hp4100N witrh Deskjet card on SCO5.0


    by softpro ·

    I need a toll that will allow me to design a customize form , and allow me to determine the number of copies . I can do this easily with
    Printer Management in Windows , however the job comes from the SCo server and I need to set these two parameters prior to sending the Job .

    The custom form has to be 8.5 by 7 “.
    I would like to avoid having to use the front panel , (to much user intervention)

    I Looked in Scoadmin and could not find anything
    Familliar that would allow to setup these two parameters.

    Any Ideas ?

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      Reply To: Hp4100N witrh Deskjet card on SCO5.0

      by leonardw ·

      In reply to Hp4100N witrh Deskjet card on SCO5.0

      I believe what you may be looking for is print forms. I have found a link with detailed information.

      Also, you may wanna do a “man” on lpadmin and look at it’s options it offers. (man lpadmin)

      And one more thing, if you need to set the amount of copies needed each print its more than likely a configuration setting under the default interface file you selected for your printer. You can configure these files on most sco systems at /etc/lp/interfaces and /etc/lp/printers

      If that doesn’t help any, write back.


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