HP510 developing lines randomely running down the screen.

By irvinemakoni ·
I have an HP510 that started developing lines running down the screen recently. It started as a single line but as time went by the lines started developing on different spots on the screen. right now my screen has got at least 15 lines running down the screen. I cant even see properly some of the text. I have to restore up or down for me to see. This is now becoming a major concern for me cozy i hardly see. Is this a physical damage or its software related? If its physical what component is faulty and how can I replace it?

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i'm going to stab a guess

by PurpleSkys In reply to HP510 developing lines ra ...

and say the monitor is going bad

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Or maybe more likely

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i'm going to stab a guess

The Video Chip Set is on the verge of complete failure.

What happens when you plug in an external monitor?

If the display remains unchanged it's the Video Generation part of the M'Board that is failing. If that's the case the OP here will need to look on HP's Web Site and see if their system is subject to a recall for repairs.

If it is ring HP and start the RMA Process But First backup all of your Data & Settings as HP will wipe the drive when they get it and all your Data & Settings will be lost.

If it isn't start looking for a new NB. It will be cheaper and far better as the only possible repair is a new M'Board which is not cheap.


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