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HR analytics, also called talent analytics, is the application of considerable data mining and business analytics techniques to human resources data. The goal of human resources analytics is to provide an organization with insights for effectively managing employees so that business goals can be reached quickly and efficiently.

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PDF for HR Analytics

by davidharperint In reply to HR Analytics

Organizations today demand scientific methods to understand human resource needs and nurture people to make the business efficient. Organizations today require scientific methods to understand human resource needs and nurture people to make the company productive.

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HR Analytics

by deborasumopayroll In reply to HR Analytics

HR analytics is a new “buzzword” in much forward-thinking, successful companies. In a nutshell, HR Analytics allows companies to use data and metrics in order to better understand their employees in the work space, make changes where need be to better the organization. HR is now common in all the organizations; to monitor the employee performance and to evaluate in various aspects. There are many ways in which HR analytics can be used to drive decision-making within the company.
It allows companies to run many different surveys simultaneously. This makes it possible to track the results over different periods of time, showcasing change, forecasting trends, and assisting in the decision-making process for organizations. Having a database also makes it possible to understand which surveys had a better response rate, as well as track responses and group sentiment. Draw Links by keeping a pulse on various metrics over time, in real time. These include people metrics such as employee performance, engagement, team consensus, and employee mobility.
There are 4 important objectives of HR Analytics:
1. Tracking company profitability.
2. Track changes over time
3. Team focused
4. Drive Skills training

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