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    HR Interview


    by antimpandey49 ·


    How we can Identify a valuable employee for our organization. When a candidate come for the interview, how the HR person identify for our organization? It’s an off topic but I think most of the startups want to know the answers or they also feel like me.

    Antim Pandey

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      hr interview

      by asamits765 ·

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      You can judge the person after asking him/her certain questions related to the personality trait in which you want to judge him. Genuinity of the candidate appears from the questions and his/her personality can be judged so that you can decide whether he/she is good for your organization or not.

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      HR Interview for startups

      by mark dyson ·

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      Please try to find out if they have worked before in a startup environment or not?
      Have they done their research on the company?
      What are their long-term plans?
      Why do they want to join a new company instead of a big multinational?
      What are his/her ideas for growth for the business?
      All these questions can give a fair view of his willingness to work in the company for the long term.

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      Get back to their employers

      by simplivllc ·

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      You can make out by the confidence with which they carry themselves. HR is expected to be good at judging candidates by their body language. The way they speak about their domain, the way they describe their work experience and the approach they take in answering your questions say a lot about them.
      Genuinely good candidates don’t claim to have answers to every question and they have no inhibitions in accepting this fact. One who claims to have solved every problems is certainly blowing her own trumpet.

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