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HR's role in Tech Staffing

By tpo ·
As Director of Technology for one of the largest law firms in Las Vegas, when a help desk tech gave notice, I started interviewing, and found a sutiable candidate. I scheduled him to come back to meet with some other members of the firm (to get their input).

I was told by HR and the gal that is currently the Managing Director that I was not to waste anyone's time with this candidate.

In 20 years of technical hiring, I've never seen a time whrn the hiring manager does not have control over who he hires.

I resigned, rather than have HR fill my team w/o me being the deciding voice, but has anyone ever seen such actions on HR's part? The 'HR' person is really a legal administrator, she supervises secretarys and such and has no technical know how whatsoever.

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All to Often

by Matmak In reply to HR's role in Tech Staffin ...

I've seen this scenario all to often, and thats often the cause of companies having poor IT infrastructures.
Many techies as we know are not the most personable of people, but when it comes to the job they are employed to do they are often untouchable, you know the type of people who simply rythme off answers to problems you've been working on without any joy, which is often because of endless hours reading through manuals and techie guides. I'm not saying all people but you know the people I'm talking about.

Put that person in the hands of an HR executive or interviewer and they'll never see the workplace they are intended for, they'll see them as awkward and will advise that they don't think they'd fit in, but that person together with another techie and they come to life because for many of said indivduals IT is there life. You may scoff and think how stereotypical but you know these guys, cause many of them are your colleagues, your friends and indeed many of the people who will answer your problems on sites like this.

At the end of the day many a diamond in the rough will pass by your organisation due to an inadequate HR department.

IT people KNOW IT people and as such should hire IT people, you wouldn't ask a butcher to hire a vet purely because they both deal with animals in one way or another, likewise just because an HR administrator sits down in Front of a PC doesn't mean they're qualified to guage IT People, and ALL TOO OFTEN it's the personable they guy who was confident who "Talked the Talk" It didn't matter that the HR Interviewer didn't have a clue what they where talking about cause Joe average used a few tricks of his own to guage how technical the interviewer was and blurted out the biggest load of technical bullshtein you'll ever hear but will make it sound convincing and ultimately get the job and these people we all know they're the guys and gals you're always asking how did they get the job and how are they manageing to hold on to it.

Bravo TPO for standing behind your convictions as there too lies the problem in many IT environments, Too many Yes men and Accountants playing at IT but thats another story......


Martin Mack

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WOrk to gether

by freeozraelised In reply to All to Often

The polotices of the Corp world, I hate it.
One of the way that I found is to make sure I communicate.
The HR Dep probably thought you step your mark.
your job is IT not hirring staff.
So in the future where ever you are working make sure to aske the "good help the HR Dep" and explain what the Critiras that you need as an It person. Make it clear that you should be involve in the process as you know IT.

This is one of the reasons why IT staff is moving from alot and still get hired even if they left on not such a nice terms.

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HR Can Be Fooled

by A_dangerous_mind In reply to All to Often

John Molloy, the author of Dress for Success, once had an experiment where he hired actors, taught them some technical jargon, and had them interview for technical jobs. The actors generally fooled the HR people and often the hiring managers (if the hiring manager was an administrator without personal insight into the actual tasks of the job), but not the technical interviewers who actually knew what the work was about. Molloy's point was on the need to have an effective self presentation to receive and remain on the job, but it also demonstrates that it's possible to get by HR without knowing enough actually to do the job. Corroborating evidence for your observation.

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Did HR state a reason?

by stress junkie In reply to HR's role in Tech Staffin ...

Your post says that the HR person and a presumably separate person working as Managing Director simply said for you to forget about hiring this particular person. Was that the extent of the conversation? If I were in that position I would have a few questions about their directive. Didn't you ask why you were supposed to forget about this candidate? Did they tell you to never initiate the hiring process? Your post leaves many questions unanswered.

Maybe the HR person found that your candidate had a criminal background and that hiring the person would violate some legal restriction for that business. Maybe the HR person checked your candidate's references and found that they were considered a liability by previous employers.

If this candidate was disqualified simply because the HR person felt that his/her turf had been violated by your initiative then it would seem that you could have come to some mutually agreeable understanding about hiring procedures.

On the other hand I was once hired for a temp/contract job after only interviewing with the HR representative. Another temp/contract employee was hired at the same time in the same way. We only met the IT department manager and techs after we started work. The IT manager set us up to fail so that they could fire us both, which they did on the same day. I always felt that the IT manager felt that his turf had been violated because he had been completely left out of the hiring process. S--t happens.

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HR's reasons...

by tpo In reply to Did HR state a reason?

Stress, you bring up some good points, but there was no background done at this point. It was and ego thing with the (Mis) Managing Director and HR gal claiming that THEY better than I knew what it would take in a candidate to support the users.

So, rather than let me fill the spot, and have a highly qualified candidate get 3 weeks of turnover before my Helpdesk gal left, we wasted 2 weeks on this stupidity, then I resigned, and the helpdesk gal left one week later.

Come Monday, the office will have no customer support at all... but it's not my problem anymore ;-)

T.P. O'Halloran,
Las Vegas

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HR will run the help desk!

by dkahlbaum In reply to HR's reasons...

HR are so clever, they will stop having extended lunches and run the help desk themselves. They don't need technical people! Maybe thats why our technical staff were called up to a year after they were made redundant, requesting technical help with the 'outsourced' computer systems. Even though everyone was working for other companies! Lucky for them, we are professionals and solved their problems. Longest handover in history.

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