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    .htaccess Block an ISP..


    by impulse ·

    I’m looking for some help here guys..
    I’m looking to block users from a state, to my website. There is only two ISP (main guys) that I need to block.. I understand how easy this is done, but there is a catch..

    I’m looking to block the whole user-base of the ISP except for a select few..

    figured it out, nevermind

    Lets say the ISP is 22.72/16 (Easy enough to ban) But I want to allow ..

    Now with .htaccess if there is a deny of 22.72.
    even when I make an “allow” it always just denys the allowed IP anyways…

    Is there a proper way to do this? Make the allow take priority over the deny? Even on the same address segment?

    Any other suggesttions to accomplish this?

    (Running on an apache server)

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