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By tomokl ·
Sorry, it is so basic! I inherited someone's code, and I don't understand a few things on it. I haven't done HTML for a few years, and I guess I am so left behind.

In the following HTML, in <table>, what are "cool", "gridx='16'", "showgridx", "gridy='16'", and "showgridx"?

Also, in <tr>, what is "cntrlrow"?

<table cool width="643" height="483" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" gridx="16" showgridx gridy="16" showgridy>

<tr height="1" cntrlrow>

I can guess the function, but I don't know what they are.

Please please please help me.

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by Jay Eckles In reply to HTML

It's all crap put in by Adobe GoLive. None of it means anything to anyone outside Adobe.

Check the HTML spec at or the XHTML spec at for the final word on what attributes are meaningful in HTML or XHTML.

Good luck.


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Thank you!

by tomokl In reply to GoLive

Thank you for taking your precious time and
clarifying for a not-so-masterful stranger.
Although I have an unopened box of GoLive, I
will stick to DreamWeaver for now. Thanks
again. Tomokl

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taking html course\second edition\comp.

by hawaii732002 In reply to GoLive

I am trying to do a project 5 apply your knowledge. And I can't find it on-line. Would you help me. Please!

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by teste In reply to taking html course\second ...

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by teste In reply to ser? que eu fiquei embaix ...

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by teste In reply to teste 2

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by teste In reply to teste 3

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by teste In reply to teste 4

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teste 6

by teste In reply to GoLive
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