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Hi , I believe the last question I asked was for a professional and personal opinion of the differences between MAC and PC.

So Thanks in advance (and sorry if I forgot to say it before) for all the advice , it did actually help us make a choice.

Now I come to you with a Question of the Technical Nature.

I'm no beginner when it comes to code. Be them the newer CSS3 style XML and such to even Assembler , HTML , and Basic ... Oh how I miss Basic.

In any event , I'm a little lost ,
My goal is to make a little webpage (I emphasize little) and on this page I wish to have real time thumbnails of linked webpages.
Truth be told I haven't really paged much attention to changes in languages in the past long while. Though I'm looking for something simple. Preferably just like Opera's "Speeddial" option.

Is there anyway this can be done for free?
Say without going towards any of the heavier codes. Using HTML,CSS,XML? Things along those lines... Web codes?

The Source file will be hosted on my Computer. So it's not really a matter of the server accepting it

So... Ideas?

Please and thanks :)

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