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    HTML content filtering?


    by davedxb ·

    I have a small office running Windows Server 2003 as a NAT server with ISA firewall.

    I need to include the capability of blocking sepecific words from the users. Such as “games”, “torrents” etc.

    There are so many ways and softwares to use, can you guys please tell me how you do it, or what you use?


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      by davedxb ·

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      Well as you already have ISA

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to HTML content filtering?

      Have you thought about using that?


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      content filtering in ISA

      by cg it ·

      In reply to HTML content filtering?

      Content filtering in ISA is done by MIME file extension. you can use a wildcard * to filter everything by application. example application/* will block or allow depending on filter you create everything for that application OR you can use application/.mp3 or .wav or whatever MIME type you want to filter.

      You can not filter by specific words in ISA 2000/2004. ISA works on bandwidth, destination sets, client address sets, protocol definitions, content type [MIME] and schedules.

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        ISA & Content filtering WORDS

        by davedxb ·

        In reply to content filtering in ISA

        your right about that. ISA 2000 & 2004 can NOT filter specific words.

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