HTML formater with page boundaries

By ShellKnob2007 ·
Does anyone know of a HTML formater (browser) that will display HTML in unit pages? By that I mean it won't have partial text at the bottom of the current view and when you scroll to the next page, there is no overlap from the last page viewed. The effect would be the same as when reading a book, when you turn the page the text at the top of the page is new, not the same as the bottom of the previous page.

I'm looking towards the day when I can read from a hand held computer screen sitting in an easy chair in the same way that I can read a book. The screen would detach from the processor and have some simple paging mechanism.


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by seanferd In reply to HTML formater with page b ...

just keeping it alive, here

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OO :0

by dawgit In reply to HTML formater with page b ...

Open Office / Star Office (OO) would work for you to do just that. And the price is good too. (free for OO) go to there you'll find out about it all. -d

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by ShellKnob2007 In reply to OO :0

Looked at the OO site and didn't see anything that looked liked a browser. Have you used the program? What package was it in? What was the program's name?


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I believe dawgit is suggesting

by seanferd In reply to oo?

OO Writer. While you can open html files in document editors (like Word), this may not be your ideal browsing experience.

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correct (sort of)

by dawgit In reply to oo?

I must have gotten a bit confused as to which end you're working on. No, OO doesn't have a browser, your right about that. For the browser (only) end Seanford has the right idea below.

What I was suggesting dealt with the other end. That being, when you have a text already in HTML but it needs to be re-formated (size, etc.) to properly display in a browser already loaded on a PDA, OO Writer can be used to do that. (see Seanferd's thread above.) Then the text will display as you want (as HTML) on the PDA. (OO Writer is also a HTML Editer. I wouldn't recomend it for web page lay-out, although one can do that, it does do re-formating quickly and easily.)

It just depends on which end you're working on.-d

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A thought has just occurred to me

by seanferd In reply to HTML formater with page b ...

What kind of system are you using? If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you may be able to set it to scroll down one "page" at a time. I just notice that I can set up my mouse this way in the SeaMonkey browser, and I might imagine Firefox would be similar in this regard. <br> <br> <br><br>
I don't know if you can do this in Internet Explorer 7 or Opera. I also would not know if this would work in a similar fashion for a touch pad or such on a laptop.
Page Up/ Page Down keyboard keys should work for this in any browser.
I should have mentioned this before, but my thinking was locked into the idea of actually breaking up the page by inserting a line or white space. If that is actually what you are looking for, I still have no good ideas.

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+1 more idea. (in the making)

by dawgit In reply to A thought has just occurr ...

Let me add 1 to the list: Mozilla Mobile, [ ] While they're still working on it, it would / should do what you have in mind. It's devolopment seems to be moving along (again) [ ] That might not help you now, but it seems Shellknob is not alone wanting to do this. -d

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Further explanation of request

by ShellKnob2007 In reply to A thought has just occurr ...

I guess my request wasn't clear. I'm looking for a html/text display program that will NOT show at the top of the next page, when you page forward, what was at the bottom of the previous page. All the browsers I use and editors too will NOT page forward a full page, but always leave some overlap.
I'm looking for a program that does NOT have any overlap from one page to the next. Each page is new and unique.

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That's because...

by dawgit In reply to Further explanation of re ...

The browser (any of them) can only render what's in the HTML (or what-ever) code. If the actual HTML (web) page is set for 768x1024 (as an example) than the browser will try to make the best of it. (with a slide bar, or scroll bar, or page over run) A web page that is (pre- or re-) formated (with an HTML editer) for a smaller screen you shouldn't get this issue.

It sounds a bit here like your wanting to to fix the TV, becuse you don't like the program. Your browser can only deal with what it gets. -d

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Further try to explain

by ShellKnob2007 In reply to That's because...

I'm not talking about the horizontal width, but about the vertical.
For example, say a file to be displayed has 1 to xxx displayable lines. When the file is being displayed in a browser/editor lines 1 to say 35 are shown on the first page and not part of line 36. If you page forward, line 36 (not 35) is the first line shown in the new page. The browser must be sensitive to what it is showing and NOT split a line to show part on one page and part on another and also to know where the page break is (in the above example between lines 35 and 36) to NOT have any overlap when the user pages forward.

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