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html or pdf to excel

By ITgirli ·
Has anyone successfully converted a pdf or html into an excel spreadsheet? I've heard many different ways, but none of them seem to work.

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Omnipro 14

by support In reply to html or pdf to excel

I use Omnipro 14 to convert PDF to Word,Excel The software will also convert other formats like Word to Text. I have found it to be a very useful Program. For the HTML you might have to convert it to a PDF Document and the to Excel


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You looking for a programmatic solution?, or one off.

by tbragsda In reply to html or pdf to excel

Both can be done with some VB experence, but if its just a one-off, cut and past into a text document. If its well formated text (tables), you will be able to import into Excel as fixed length.

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not a big VB person

by ITgirli In reply to You looking for a program ...

I don't really know much in the ways of vb. I was looking for more of a free download or little cut and paste tricks.

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Cut & Paste

by tbragsda In reply to not a big VB person

You can just cut and paste. Past to a text document, and save. Open the file with Excel, and select Space Delimi{sic}. It will work fine as long as the tables from the HTLM are in good shape.

I have done this many times, and its a quick easy method. If you want to learn VB enough to get somewhere with the INET control...


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I've not tried this, but...

by Salamander In reply to html or pdf to excel
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tried it already

by ITgirli In reply to I've not tried this, but. ...

it's crap. thanks anyway. I've tried:
and numerous others I forgot to write down. I really don't have a time restraint on doing it, it's a side project of mine to see if it can be done successfully. Every single one i've tried has failed. I'm rather amused by it so far.

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Why not the Adobe

by gineme In reply to tried it already


Why not try the Adobe Professional Version I would think it would work without a hitch.....

Jesse Jr.
in Norway

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no money

by ITgirli In reply to Why not the Adobe

I work for cheapskates who won't give the IT department (me) any money for anything. I need a free way. We only have Adobe reader.

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