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By LBuckingham ·
Don't know if this is possible, but I'm looking for a kind of virtual html printer.

Just to be clear, I don't want to send existing html documents to a printer, I want to send any documents to a virtual printer which then produces an html file as a result (similar to the way the hundreds of virtual PDF printers work).

Any ideas?


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Formally yes, but in reallity NO

by TobiF In reply to HTML printer

Pdf is a language to describe exactly what a page should look like. It contains specific commands regarding page size, placement of each letter, sizing of attached images, may even include the fonts used etc.

Html is a language for description of content and guiding of layout. But it's the browser's final decision what it will look like, taking into account the available screen size, specific requests from the user, etc.

You CAN write ugly html to control in very small details the layout of a page (and far too many sites do that, nowadays), but if you really want to get "facsimile" pages out of your printer, then pdf is a better choice.

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I guessed as much

by LBuckingham In reply to Formally yes, but in real ...

Thanks TobiF. I have a very specific use in mind for it which doesn't include published web pages and I need it to work only with text. I found something called PDF2HTML which does the job.

Thanks again for your reply.

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Microsoft Word has this function

by robo_dev In reply to HTML printer

save as html. or "Save as complete web page" which saves as MHTML (Mime HTML).

MHTML includes the graphics, animation, flash, pictures, and so forth in one file.

I would guess that OpenOffice does the same thing.

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Many thanks, but...

by LBuckingham In reply to Microsoft Word has this f ...

unfortunately, the reason I needed something was for some very old files that are in some strange format.

Thanks for the advice though - it's appreciated.


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If you want to edit afterwards, then generated pdf is... inconvenient...

by TobiF In reply to Many thanks, but...

From your initial question, I got the feeling that you want to get exact copies of pages printed from a program, but not in pdf.

What kind of data files or program are we talking about?

And is your goal to make this data somehow usable in some other format, or is it more important to keep any layout etc.?

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by LBuckingham In reply to If you want to edit after ...

Hi TobiF,

It was quite a specific use I had in mind. I have some instructions and manuals for a very old piece of hardware and I needed to send them to a similarly very old former client. Unfortunately, they're all old PagePlus files. I initially printed them to PDF, but the guy in question doesn't have PDF reading software, and was very reluctant to install any.

That's when I thought I might be able to create html files. The layout wasn't too important as long as everything was pretty much in the correct order.

PDF2HTML did the job in this case, so all sorted now.

Thanks again though for your advice.

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