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HTML, SCSS, CSS, JS into Wordpress

By Volk219 ·
Good Day,

I am a beginner and learning "Web Development". I have setup a Wordpress environment (at wp-admin) and I have a default theme. I was also doing some work locally with Visual Studio Code and I have : an html file, scss, some images, css and js files. I was also using Bootstrap 4. How can I get all these files into Wordpress? Could someone point me to the right direction? Things I have tried:

1. Add files in CPanel into root. It works but I think without bootstrap and scss.
2. I tried to install WP-SCSS plugin in wordpress but it doesn't work. I think it is bugged because it is showing me that I don't have folders which I most definitely have (specifically css and scss folders).
3. I read a lot about actions (add_action) in wordpress but it seems it is a bit over my head and I don't even know whether I need it.
4. I also read that some people use Ruby, Compass some other things, but those I think are for wordpress installed locally.

Please help, been trying all morning.
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