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    HTML Table & ASP


    by schenk@nl ·

    HTML & ASP
    I have quite some nested tables, but for this problem an example with just one table should work too.

    I have a fixed-width table with 2 cells. The second cell contains the date in a format like “Wednesdag, June 28, 2000” so with the day and month written out. The first cell should widen to fill the space not used by the date-cell. This first cell is used to place a line in front of the date (using a background-image). Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. The first cell becomes just one pixel width (the size of the transparant picture inside it). What I would like to know is:

    1) Is there a way in HTML to tell MSIE (and NS etc) to widen the first cell instead of the second one; if so: how?


    2) Could this be done using a calculation of the width of the date-string in ASP and again, if so: how?

    The first solution has my preference…


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      HTML Table & ASP

      by gokul rajan ·

      In reply to HTML Table & ASP

      The problem encountered could be becaue the table logical map on the screen has to be mapped properly in order to place the date. you can use the Font size to reduce the size or design Dynamic Updatation for the adjusting the table as far as the designing goes.

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        HTML Table & ASP

        by schenk@nl ·

        In reply to HTML Table & ASP

        There is no need to reduce the font-size since the space is large enough. The semi-code goes like:

        td background=”line.gif”
        img src=”transparantdot.gif”
        ASP: FormatDate(Now)

        Now the output of this is something like:
        -Wednesday, June 28, 2000__________________

        with the underscores unused space. What I would like it to be is:
        ——————-Wednesday, June 28, 2000

        I don’t know what you mean with “Dynamic Updation” so can’trate that part of your answer…

        Gtx & Tnx,

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      HTML Table & ASP

      by shadowtraitor ·

      In reply to HTML Table & ASP

      You can use Cascading style sheets to fill the image in the background of teh cell horizonrally the

      with this line the background of this cell will be filled with that image horizontally.
      That takes care of the image but for the sizing you need to get a transparent image other than that in the background of the cell and center this image in the cell, set the padding to your liking use an image of suitable size since the second cell can only be ass long as Thursday, December 31 2000 hence with this in mind you can get a transparent image of the rigth size to fill the void. The cell with the date should be set to nowrap so it sizes to the content. finally ensure that you center the content in the date cel and center the entire table whereever you have it and your problems should be solved

      Hope I helped you

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