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Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 is available for download. One of the cool features of this beta and soon to be new release is the support for HTML 5.

And this is where the wheels in my head started turning. HTML 5, at least to my knowledge, is still a work in progress, but sounds like it will improve the way we create webpages, with new tags such as video and audio. No need for plugins!

Anyway, so here's where I end up...I have a site that I maintain. Although I'd like to jump on the HTML 5 bandwagon, it's still too early to play with, since most browsers don't support it yet. The site is currently in XHTML 1.0 Strict, but my question is:

What's the difference between XHTML and HTML?

I know that XHTML is an extension to HTML and integrates better with XML, but for a generic website, which one should be used?

When should a webmaster use XHTML over HTML?

And, when should a webmaster user strict over transitional? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

My little research on the net seems to show that this is a long-time debate and no clear answer.

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Always given a preference

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to HTML vs XHTML

transtional and just not bothering are for those who would have a shed load of work to do to becokme compliant or are using browser specific implementations of HTML, that either don't exist or won't work that way when described in XHTML.

All the hard work is now done, you are compliant, don't waste that effort.

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