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HTPC Won't Boot Suddenly

By mrgonk ·
The other night, we had a half-power outage (high-draw devices wouldn't work, but lamps, etc. would), and then all the power went out. It was out for maybe 2 hours total. When the power came back on, my HTPC would no longer boot. It took forever to get through post, and was not able to boot from my 40GB Seagate 7200.7 IDE hard drive (even though it detected it).

So it searches for DHCP client, or something like that, and says it is unable to find it, and suggests that I boot from disk. So I insert my Windows XP Professional (SP1) disc into the drive and hit enter, like it asked me to do. At first, there's a black screen for maybe a minute. Then, text reading "Setup is examining your configuration"... then... nothing.

That's all I've been able to get it to do.

I am relatively inexperienced with troubleshooting, and frankly I was kind of relying on the $300 Monster Power surge suppressor that I own to prevent stuff like this from happening.

I have no clue what to do next and I am desperate to to get this thing up and running again ASAP.

What do I do??


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by KenV In reply to HTPC Won't Boot Suddenly

It's possible your surge suppressor did it's job at the expense of it's own survival. Try removing it from the equation and plug the HTPC into a clean power source.

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by mrgonk In reply to HTPC Won't Boot Suddenly

Well, I got it working again with the aid of a friend. Apparently a butterfly flapped its wings somewhere on the other side of the globe and it caused my computer to break and fail to recognize my 160GB Seagate 7200.7 slave drive.

But it gets stranger -- We solved the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting my IDE cables. Nothing else changed. The system booted and everything worked, except...

Every media file (audio and video of any codec) on both of my hard drives will no longer play in any media player. However, programs on both HDs will execute just fine, and the media files will play perfectly on OTHER computers in my house over my network from my HTPC. So no media files will play in any player on my HTPC, but other types of files work, and if you try to play the media files on another computer over the network, they work.

What the **** is going on?!??

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