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Http error help...

By dark_star_wolf_007_1 ·
im getting this error when i go to any website (what ever site it try to go to).com is not set up to establish a connection on port world wide webservice (HTTP) with this computer i think it happend when i tryed bridging connections with my xbox 360 to do some standbying what can i do to fix this or what caused it.

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You probably closed port 80 somewhere

by seanferd In reply to Http error help...

Check your firewall or router.

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not the router

by dark_star_wolf_007_1 In reply to You probably closed port ...

im able to connect on another home computer any suggestions on how to fix this

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well if you think it's the bridged connection

by CG IT In reply to not the router

with your Xbox and everything worked fine before you did this, then undo what you did eg go back to the last known working configuration.

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tried it

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Do you have any connectivity?

by seanferd In reply to tried it

Is it just the one machine, and only HTTP, that is the problem?

Will this work? ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/
Can you run a tracert on a web site?

Have you considered just setting the network or connection up again for the affected machine? Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Try the appropriate wizard for your setup.

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thanks guys but i have fixed it

i fixed it i system restored got tired of playing with it

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HTTP error

by Nimmo In reply to Http error help...

A couple of things to try:

Do you have any connectivity? Can you ping the routers internal interface and access the web console (if it has one).

If you can then check the status of the router to see if it's connected to the internet.

Can you ping sites by hostname? Is there any activity on your network interface? (right click the connection and select status).

Run the command ipconfig /renew and then ipconfig /flushdns.

Reset the stack from the command line type:
netsh > int ip reset reset.txt

Take a look at your host file to see if anything strange is in it:

C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc also in the same directory there is a services file, check that http is in there and associated with port 80. (you can open these in notepad).

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