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'http request too long' error

By alphaclimatise ·
Greetings Techies,

I?m currently a moderator for a forum dealing with the use of a database tool, this tool is built to use .NET framework. Users are making use of .NET framework 1.1 and 1.1 SP1. The tool was not coded by me so specifics are hard to give. The tool primarily is designed to call web links into pre-loaded IE windows, cycling these windows as the user completes a task within them and finally records the data submitting it to the database to be processed.

The users with the problem say that after about 60-80 cycles of this, they will receive an ?http request too long? error.

The creator has no idea why this is happening and responded with this statement.
?I don't do any string concat on the URL so I am still unclear how that error is occurring.?

This problem has only been submitted by a couple of users out of the 300 registered in the forum and over 6000 using the tool. One of the users I spoke with had mentioned that they were in turkey using an ISP that requires all clients to route through it for net access. I had initially thought that to be the issue but another member from the same area and ISP says they have no issues.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


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by amanabala In reply to 'http request too long' e ...

HTTP Request too long is not a common error and most webservers including IIS are capable of handling "really long" http requests. I would like to help you resolve this issue - I need the following about the users computer(s):
1. Operating System Version, including any Service Pack
2. IE version
3. OS version and IIS version and SP on the server itself.

Also, a legible screenshot of the error screen would greatly help in finding the erorr codes.
Please let me know at your convenience.

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by alphaclimatise In reply to

The issues were all on the client end of the system, this particular member has since withdrawn their request for help and has decided it simply easier to forgo using the application. There are no other users experiencing this error, so no other sources for more information. Thank you for your response anyway.

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by alphaclimatise In reply to 'http request too long' e ...

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