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    HTTP security filter in ISA Server 2004


    by dany.bou.boutros ·

    How Can I prevent Users from searching specific keywords or prevent them from vewing sites that contains specific keywords, Using ISA 2004 Firewall?

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      Web Monitoring

      by pieter ·

      In reply to HTTP security filter in ISA Server 2004

      Well accoring to me ISA hasn’t got a function to filter out certain words and deney access to a page. You will have to install a web monitoring tool like GFI or Surfcontrol. This will allow you to configure viewing sites containing specific words.

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        Web Filtering Tool

        by sarah ·

        In reply to Web Monitoring

        As Peter rightly commented, you can achieve this by installing a web filtering tool. GFI WebMonitor allows you to do this, giving you control over what sites users can browse and blocking access to websites in particular categories, such as adult, online gaming, personal email, P2P and more. A new version of GFI WebMonitor has just been released in fact. Visit to read all about it.

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