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    This site is without a doubt very helpfull. However, I was wondering if anyone had tried They charge a fee, but they promise they have every answer. Also, do they mainly deal with exchange servers only, or other misc IT problems?

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      I don’t require an expert sex change

      by slayer_ ·

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      Good thing they added that – to the name after a few months.

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      You make me laugh….

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      Experts exchange is just a name for a forum. So why not ask and find out from them. It is a very good forum, but if you are too afraid to pay for the service then ask on here.
      Experts exchange deals with anything technical from computers (Windows, linux, Mac, etc) to mobiles.

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      As Requested….

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      EE covers the gamut of PC and IT related topics such as programming, servers, OS, and hardware. It is excellent and much better controlled than TechRepublic. Both have their strengths, but EE is better for technical questions. A trial membership is available or you can sign on as a limited member.

      Disclaimer — I’m a qualified expert on EE.

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      Experts Exchange

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      Our company has a subscription to Experts Exchange I find it helpful not sure if I’d personally pay for it though.

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      Well hopefully it’s better now

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      you have to pay for it.

      When it was free it was pretty poor in my opinion.

      Generally you get good answers here, but the questions often leave something to be desired.

      That wasn’t a dig. Learning to use google effectively is a better solution in my opinion, but I haven’t gone near EE for years.

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      They get a nod here…

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      Especially since they established the ability to purchase tokens to be used per instance.

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