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By pardarling ·
Dear sir
I want to know what is "HTTPS" ?
And how does it work ?
and how can I configure it on MS-Proxy Server ?
and how can I give this permission to my users ?

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by mike_mds In reply to HTTPS

Defined by Microsoft as follows:

HTTPS is used to provide strong authentication when using HTTP to gain access to content on the Web. The most common use of HTTPS is to provide an encrypted connection to an authenticated Web server. When clients attempt to establish an HTTPS connection, typically triggered by browsing to a URL beginning with https://, the client and server jointly negotiate a security protocol to use and then exchange authenticating information.

MicrosoftInternet Explorer 5 or later supports common secure communication protocols for HTTP transactions, including the following:

Transport Layer Security (TLS version 1.0)

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL versions 2 and 3)

Private CommunicationsTechnology (PCT version 1.0).
Each protocol provides both encryption services (for confidentiality of exchanged data) and authentication services (for mutual identification between clients and servers). SSL support, which is provided through the built-in HTTPS transport service, adds server-to-server authentication and transport layer encryption to an interchange.

Please see M$ TechNet article q184030 for details on setting up Proxy to use SSL:

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Hope this helps.

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by pardarling In reply to HTTPS

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by pardarling In reply to HTTPS

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