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    HTTPS Connections


    by pieter ·

    Hi, ppl

    I need some help.. I have installed a certificate from comodo but it seems that only the http// is working. There is no firewall or between the server and the DNS. I cannot even use https on the server. The page doesnt give any error or even a timeout its asif it’s continuis trying to load something. Any ideas cause I ran out of troubleshooting ideas….

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      Certificate Woes

      by mjfera ·

      In reply to HTTPS Connections

      I had the *identical* problem with an Entrust Cert. Turns out that due to a bug of some sort in IIS (so say the Entrust folks), you have to build the cert request in a very odd fashion.

      Create a Temp site on your Web Server. Generate the request from the Temp site. Have them re-issue with this new cert request. Now create your live site, and install the cert.

      I got bit on that one TWICE, because I just assumed I could create the request from the live site. Silly me.

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