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By aashna963 ·
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I want to find a software comparison website that actually shows features and pricing in a simple format. I've used Capterra and such, but they're too superficial. Does such a site already exist?

If not, how hard is it to build? I can do basic full stack web dev but I'm terrible at aesthetic design. I know MediaWiki is open source, but I get lost in the details and would need a big picture partner to help build it. Any takers?

My impetus is that product pages are full of marketing hype and I hate to spend time testing something and then find out it doesn't do X when there are people who already knew that and could have contributed that knowledge to a wiki.
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need a partner?

by dmitry1587467256 In reply to Software Comparison Wiki

I think it isn't easy task, cause any type of software is unique and comparing must include all unique parameters, ans if you have no experience with them you can't compare it. If you need such site you can use Garnter research. But even Gartner can't tell you what software can fit your requirements.

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Wiki Template Software

by vkrysko In reply to Software Comparison Wiki

You've helped me out a lot, so I'll try to help you

I'm not sure, but you may find what you're looking for in here:

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