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    Humming(noise) in speakers


    by evilmind_m ·

    I have fixed my 2 computers on the wall without casing on a wooden sheet …
    every thing is working as planned but there is this constant humming noise on 1 of the computers(even if mic is removed)…
    The sound changes with mouse movements, i can hear clicks of hard drive and funny sounds when i minimize or maximize windows…
    I can hear the sound then i unmute the input monitor..

    I think it is some grounding problem but i can not fix it even after grounding the system ….

    Another thing that makes things more confusing for me is that… both the computers are fixed and wired in the same way… One has humming problem and other is perfect….

    I Swapped power supplies ..No luck …
    I attached wires with MB and HDD then grounded it with powersupply but no luck…
    The only thing that stops it is when i half insert the mic pin …. then obviously my mic dont work ….

    Can any 1 suggest me What shall i do ?

    If u guys need more info….Feel free to ask…

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      by evilmind_m ·

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      Do you have a COMMON mains outlet for source?

      by old mycroft’s younger brother ·

      In reply to Humming(noise) in speakers

      All components: PSU, Monitor, Speakers (if amplified) should all be plugged into the same outlet to prevent grounding hum.

      Also, what CPUs do you have in each? Not being shielded by their individual casings won’t help.

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        No …..Is that it?

        by evilmind_m ·

        In reply to Do you have a COMMON mains outlet for source?

        I think this may b the problem coz the computer with this problem has its monitor connected to different outlet coz lack of free plugs….
        I will try to get all plugs in 1 place and reply tomorrow if this works ….
        I have 3.0 Ghz prescots in both computers… the cpu with problem has d945 and other has d915…
        Thanks for ur reply ….

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      Cable dressing

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Humming(noise) in speakers

      It could be that you have the power cables, data cables an audio cables all bunched together. Seperate them and tie wrap them away from each other.

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        No its not Working…

        by evilmind_m ·

        In reply to Cable dressing

        I have every thing In single mains now and earthed perfectly , i have shielded all wires and even new powersupply doesnt help a bit….I guess i have tried every thing…I give up to warranty guys now…. I asked the guy in support department of the shop from where i purchased my pc , he asked me to foolishly reinstall windows…:D I dont have words :DDDD …..
        Any way i will send my Mobo in warranty to b replaced, hope this helps, it may take 8 days …….
        Thx Guys for replying …..

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