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Hump Day Hot Dog, Anyone ?

By gadgetgirl ·
I just knew this had to be an American invention

MEAT-IN-A-GLASS cocktails have taken off in America - with bacon proving the most popular flavour.
Cutting-edge bars have started offering "carnivorous cocktails" and they have become so sort after the flesh-flavoured drinks are going mainstream.
The craze has led to a new commercial product Bakon Vodka being launched by three friends in Seattle.
One of the owners, Sven Linden, said: "Our initial expectation was that we could do a small pilot test in the Pacific Northwest with a few hundred cases.
"Not a huge amount, but we thought it would last two to three months based on similar introductions of specialty liquors.
"That run sold out in about three weeks.
"In Washington we're starting to see repeat sales to the same customers, and we're seeing bars put it on their permanent menus - so we know it's more than just a novelty purchase."
Chicago bar Nacional 27's mixologist Adam Seger, whose Baconcello recipe has also taken off, said: "You use alcohol to deglaze a pan when you cook, so it makes sense that you can inverse it."
Seger has also made a ham-and-cheese cocktail, while renowned mixologist Todd Thrasher has experimented with foie gras and lamb.
Thrasher, who runs PX barin Alexandria, also makes an off-the-menu special called "MacGriddle", based on a McGriddle burger from McDonald's.


Don?t get me wrong, I?m not frothing at the mouth like a rabid animal over this, I just thought it was very punny when I read it!.

At first, I thought it was *foul* play, but soon realised that it was the real deal. I actually like this idea, preferring savoury stuff to sweet stuff.

But does this mean you get a hogover, not a hangover?

Will it make you so drunk you can *baa*-erly see straight?

If it is in a cocktail, does it need to be stirred with a sausage for flavour? Would that make it a cocktail sausage?!

Would the ice have to be *chopped* instead of crushed?

Instead of making you totter when you're tipsy, will it make you *trotter*?

Should you ever *wolf* it down in one?

Will over-indulging still make you feel *wuff*?

Or will you feel like the *cats? whiskers*?

Will a hair of the dog be a *hare* of the dog?

Feel free to add your own puns and comments below. I think you can tell from the above what sorta day I'm having???.


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by jck In reply to Hump Day Hot Dog, Anyone ...

That stuff is for the birds :^0

I'll stick to my Guinness.

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How do we get a steak in this new commercial venture?

by neilb@uk In reply to Hump Day Hot Dog, Anyone ...

Without wanting to be thought of as a chump, I think unusual meats would be a winner.

Bring me an alligator daiquiri and make it snappy!

Bring me a kangaroo margarita, and hop to it.

Aaah, the smell of bad puns in the afternoon...

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