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Hurricane Irene

By CharlieSpencer ·
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Hey, Eastern Seaboard: DUCK!

Darryl and PS, what's the plan this time? I assume he has to work again; will she put cats in the car and haul (insert deleted euphemism for 'kitty')?

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I wonder about New York

by JamesRL In reply to Hurricane Irene

If thet find out they are in the path, Darryl and Purple can get outta dodge.

What if the 8 million people(or so) in NYC find out they are in the path, what if even half of them want to leave, what happens next?

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Same thing that happened with Florida in 1999 and hurricane Floyd

by jck In reply to I wonder about New York

Jammed roads
4 hours to go 8 miles
Hotels trying to charge 10 times normal rate
People buying up tons of water and selling it later at $10 a bottle

It's the American way!

If they want to leave, I'd suggest doing it early. Go stay in PA for a long weekend.

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Walking is faster...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Same thing that happened ...

Even hopping from car-roof to car-roof when the motorway floods is faster...
People is ca-ra-zy!

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New York is going to be hit

by AV . In reply to I wonder about New York

They evacuated lower Manhatten and are closing the bridges. They will shut down all of the mass transit systems (trains and subways) early tomorrow. They're doing the same thing in NJ. They closed the Garden State Parkway in southern NJ and made all of the lanes northbound so that people can't go to the coastal areas, but they will be able to leave.

Theres going to be a lot of damage in NY/NJ because of the sustained winds and flooding. If you're in NY, you really can't get out. Most people in NY don't have cars and they rely on mass transit.

I'm not looking forward to this. It's scary.


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Best wishes to all

by AnsuGisalas In reply to New York is going to be h ...
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This one...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Hurricane Irene

This hurricane I've heard has been compared to Bob in 19**...

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Everybody PANIC!!!!11

by Kenone In reply to Hurricane Irene

Evacuate NYC?? Prolly be a lot easier if the MTA didn't shut down all bus, train, and subway service. Co-ordination!! Another word politicians don't know.

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Is it still 1969??

by Kenone In reply to Hurricane Irene

And . . . New Year's Eve to boot - I'm going out partying, see ya next year!!

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Yep. Continuously, apparently.

by seanferd In reply to Is it still 1969??

Yet randomly. For at least a week, so far.

New Year's Eve, 1969. All day, all night, all nice.

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Staring down the eye of the storm

by NickNielsen In reply to Hurricane Irene

Well, waving as it passes by, anyway. I'm in Myrtle Beach tonight. There's some rain, some wind, and that's about it. Expecting clear skies in the morning.

Best of luck to everybody in the path of this one.

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