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husband is stealing all my computer info

By Gdye ·
What do you do when your spouse is hacking into your private information, stopping you when you try to go to websites where he does not want you. I know he has a remote connection to some devise (he has a Giga Pocket, but I am not sure what that is) I tried installing Ghostsurf and he uninstalled it when I was online, then when Itried to reinstall it said my email address I used for registration was incorrect (I only have 1 email account? I am scared t even get on the computer. He has himself in the system as an anonymous NT Authority, and I know he is using NETBios, system32, and impersonating nbsp in the source code. He has OBDC control over the computer that I bought..but swears he is never online. He is sending HTML messages to people (females) he meets online, and has even hacked into my desktop at work...somebody please tell me what to do????


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A couple of questions here first

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to husband is stealing all m ...

The work desktop is the important one here. Where do you work?

Is it in an office enviroment where you have access to business critical data?

Or are you working from home selling product on the net?

The OS would also help but if he is a controlling sought that insists on having complete control you have a problem as he obviously has some degre of computer knolledge.

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Where's Dr. Phill or Dr. Laura. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to husband is stealing all m ...

...when you need them?

I would suggest three things:

1. Report him to the security people at your place of employment. Hacking into their computer equipment is something they would really frown upon. If it's a small firm without an in-house security function, perhaps the local law enforcement authorities would have an interest in it.

2. Do all your computing in your own house, let him do his computing in his own house.

3. Relationships are built on trust. Tell him that that's the kind of relationship you intend to have for yourself - with or without him.

Whether or not you really DO these three things or just threaten to do them, is, of course, something that only you can determine.

Just call me: Dear Maxwell. Perhaps I'll start to write an opinion column. I really don't like those two gals who took over for Dear Abby. (Or was it Ann Landers?) They always give the most bogus advice.

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by djent In reply to husband is stealing all m ...

First leave a worm virus for him, then report him to whichever authorities control hacking laws. Change your Email address, reformat your hard drive, install W2K with a software firewall and enforce security. You might also ask him if he Knows who Lorana Bobbit is.

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This is a marital problem, not a technical one

by road-dog In reply to husband is stealing all m ...

We could play the countermeasures game all day every day using you as a proxy, but the fact remains that he has physical access to your system and can undo anything we suggest as soon as you leave your computer to go to the bathroom without locking the system. He can also **** out the computer if you were successful at locking him out.

This guy seems to have control issues, especially if he's gone as far as to hack your computer at work.

Think this over from a more holistic view, I'll bet that the control issues don't end at the keyboard. I suspect that your end plan will involve an attorney.

If you want him out of your life, document his hacking your computer at work. Take your info to your boss. Ask your boss to unplug all modem lines and your main Internet connection to all computers at work. Call the FBI.

If he's playing these games with you, I'll bet that he's also misusing other systems as well. Arrange to have his PDA with you on the day that the FBI visits your office, they will be interested in it's contents.

Give them permission to seize and access all computer assets in your home. Sit back and watch him sweat.....

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Sounds like a marital problem -

by JimHM In reply to husband is stealing all m ...

Sounds like he set up a Firewall and is blocking sites, along with tracking your travels around the internet.

So what interesting sites are you going to - Long ****'s.Com ... Ha,,,

You all need to do a sit down with Hubby and discuss this - or get your own internet connection.

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