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H.V. Frequency over range ??

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I was removing spyware from a computer when upon reboot I was given this message in a neat little blue box...

H.V. over range

And it won't boot past this point.

The computer in question is a Gateway tower
Intell Pentium 4, 2GHz Processor, 400MHz Bus
512MB Memory
Windows XP Home SP1

I had hardly gotten to remove any of the real critical spayware that has infested this system.

Any clue as to how I can get past this annoyance so I can continue repairing this computer?
The system disk that Gateway supplies is far from a help for repairing the operating system, and wants to install another operating system.
Could I use my stand-alone XP Home disk to repair whats happened?


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by DouglasB In reply to H.V. Frequency over range ...

The frequency message comes from the monitor and has nothing to do with Windows. It means that the video mode is being switched and the VGA signal is not valid at the moment. Have you tried booting into Safe mode or VGA mode? You might have to do this and uninstall/reinstall the video driver, or the video card may have gone bad.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to H.V. Frequency over range ...

does it do it in safe mode? if no get that crappy old monitor off there and hook computer up to a newer one. if yes then don't you love it when you are the one with your hands on the box when hardware fails. which is where i cast my vote but we need the chas. depending on exactly where in the boot you are getting this message (sounds like very early on b4 any os loads or any bios hardware enumeration takes place), i vote the power supply is yelling 'High Voltage' is over range' and it refused to go on because that might damage the mobo. so maybe a bad p.s. or maybe the bios settings have reverted to defaults that don't work (doesn't seem likely but i sure know nothing about motherboards and their pwer requirements) how old is this unit? can you get another power supply to swap in for a test. hopefully the hardwawre guys will jump in here for you...
btw can get into bios setup?

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