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Hybrid Exchange Setup

By kali ·
I work at a college where we have created a hybrid setup using exchange services but also using a local personal folder file. We know all too well that this was not how Microsoft programmers ever envisioned Outlook and Exchange Services would be used, but we are slowing developing what we need. We did not used to use exchange services at all on the personal computers, but just set up everything on the users' computers in the personal folder file. But then people started wanting to be able toshare their calendar, so secretaries can set appointments, etc. But because it has been our practice to have all the email moving off the email server to the users' computers, we do not have the hard drive space to start storing everyone's saved emails on the server. So our answer is to set up exchange services, but use a combination rules and autoarchiving to move all new mail from the server-side inbox to a personal folder file on the local user machine. Our biggest question at this time is "Has anyone else tried this?" and if so, using what procedures and with what degree of success. At this point we have about 50 users set up this way, but we still run into new and exciting hiccoughs every week.
Does anyone have any ideas, and even better experience with this type of project?

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by DSR28 In reply to Hybrid Exchange Setup

I have performed this in the past by setting up a personal folder & an exchange folder in the client's side. Set the default delivery to personal folder, and then you can set up an autoarchive on the exchange folder to "delete" messages from the personal folder.
I would recommend that you simply just move the store to additional magnetic storage though - the time it takes to tweak this to work sometimes out costs the purchase of some hardware. Additionally Veritas has a product that moves email attachments out of the exchange store and onto tape. If only I could remember the name of it...

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Personal Folders

by Former MS Supporter In reply to Hybrid Exchange Setup

We ran into the same problem at my work with limited hard drive space. The solution we came up with for shared appts, tasks, etc, was to send 'New Appt', 'New Task' out to the pertinent people in the GAL the appts and tasks using the invite others function. Also, have the task set (if you're using these) to automatically update your task list when the person(s) you sent it to changes or completes something. Yeah, it's still not the best solution, but I couldn't get away from using Personal Folders. There's always someone out there who wants to keep all 500+MB of their mail. If the calendar needs to be shared office or company wide, like a ours is, write a web page calendar on an Intranet site with SMTP post functions. There are a lotof free scripts out on the web for this. It just depends on what format and layout you want. They also require very little overhead and to run, providing you're already running web services.

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