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    Hybrid or work from office?

    by sofie_tveit ·

    With COVID set to recedes from the face of the earth, do you think employees should be given the choice to select between hybrid and work from office routine?

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      Who said COVID is set to recede?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Hybrid or work from office?

      All indications is it’s not set to recede but rather folk want to move on. A virus such as this does not recede. It adapts.

      About WFH and office routine. There’s a lot of debate about work in general now. Mostly about LIVABLE WAGES as well as not wanting to die or get sick because of the workplace.

      Will you pay them enough to get them back to the office?
      Do they really need to be at the office all the time?
      Did you improve the office to deal with COVID? Better ventilation is key.

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      Reply To: Hybrid or work from office?

      by SohamBe ·

      In reply to Hybrid or work from office?

      We all faced work from home. In my opinion, everyone has a different thinking and working ability to get productive output. My personal experience says working from the office is perfect for productivity. Working from home might be a little lazy thing for me. Haven’t had any experience with a hybrid work culture but It may disturb the schedule.

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      Personal experience

      by Davieradc ·

      In reply to Hybrid or work from office?

      Personally I feel much more free now working from home, and its put me in a better state mentally. Although I don’t have the same friendly environment with co worker in the office I would be fighting tooth and nail if I had to go back any time soon.

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      Re: Hybrid or work from office?

      by blakeryan744 ·

      In reply to Hybrid or work from office?

      Firstly COVID is not about to recede, but on the contrary it is here to stay. Like other viruses it would fight to grow and survive with the humans.

      It would be there whenever the weather gets cold and along comes with it the flu season.

      Now, for the WFH or WFO situation. It is fair to atleast give employees the choice to choose for themselves either they want to work from office or from home.

      COVID taught us that everything that we can do from office can easily be done from home as well. If the work-force is allowed to work from home that should strictly be on the condition of not letting the performances get affected.

      Fuel Prices have also skyrocketed and WFH would allow employees to compensate their fuel expenses as well.

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      Reply To: Hybrid or work from office?

      by Nanca ·

      In reply to Hybrid or work from office?

      I think it’s better to let the employees choose. People are different, some people are more comfortable in the office, others are more comfortable at home, and the results they show in their work depend on this, too. The main thing when working remotely is to establish communication, to periodically call each other and so on.

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      Hybrid or work from office?

      by mirrtrye ·

      In reply to Hybrid or work from office?

      I know that I often have family circumstances that require frequent time off from work, so I find it much more convenient to use a flexible office schedule than to work from the office only.

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